“Aw, thanks!” Thursday

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I have to admit, I did wake up today and immediately thought “Ooh, goody, it’s Friday!”…
alas, it is not…dun, dun, dunnnnnnnnnnnn
BUT It IS Thursday, and there’s plenty of stuff to be thankful for!
1) I’m pretty stoked to be going to this event on Sunday with my Tampa Bay Lady blogger friends including LSSR, Beks, Rachel, and Jess!
2) I did NOT have to wake up at this crazy time today…I got to sleep a whole hour past it!
Tues-Thurs, I force myself to set this crazy alarm
3) I added another bib to my wall ‘o race bibs, courtesy of my pal B.o.B. and her first awesome 5k this past weekend!
Yes, I keep them up in my cubicle..that’s where I need the most motivation
4) THE SUN CAME BACK OUT! After Debby tore through this week, it was a burst of refreshingness to be outside, not on the treadmill, and enjoying my usual BPW & outdoor runs´╗┐
Ah, herro Mr. Sun :)
5) We got to take ol’ Jaeden out on a nice walk this week, he made it a whole mile! I get sad sometimes that he’s almost 11, but he still acts like a puppy & is very healthy…I loves him:)
Where are we going, ma??
My 2 slow-pokes boys

I’m thinking this is normal doggie-behavior for receiving text messages

6) I’m beating yet another sinus infection AND will quit using Qtips as I’ve learned my ears are a little ‘too’ clean…some of my pals say “eh? you’ve never heard that they’re bad for you?” and others say “um, I use them every day! They’re bad for you?”.. but the doc says I need ear wax, and ear wax I’ll give him!
This lil’ pack o’ meds is evil and good at the same time…I curse sinus infections
Wednesday Workout: Spin class in a.m. + 2 mi easy run after
Thursday workout: SPEED WORKOUT! (1st since the cyst-situation)
800/400/400/400 w/1/4 mi recovery jog in between & 1 mi warm up & cooldown
was happy to get in a 3:25 800 and averaged 1:25 400s! This girl is coming back!
Happy Thursday folks!
What are you thankful for this week? (that’s not a retorical question either)


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