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Aside from trying out my new pretty, comfy, pink Pure Cadence shoes (yes, the excitement of having them lasted me just barely under 23 hours or so), I enjoyed a weekend that included some painting (not sharing any photos until the product is done-done), a baby shower, eating, fro yo, and more eating.
Yes, I know we’re still watching money, but went out to eat Saturday night since it was the weekend and all… I mean, duh!
We went to China Fuji, which is another family-owned local restaurant.
Review: Yummy, cheap Chinese food that’s about $7-9 an entree! Good portion sizes and nice selection of authentic Chinese along with Sushi as well!
China Fuji on Urbanspoon
Reviewing our Chinese Zodiac signs made me laugh… I’m a monkey
And Gar bear is a rabbit….no comment
G, of course, tore up his food in a matter of minutes…sometimes I think he has to have multiple rows of shark teeth..
Rut roh, Where’d all your Kung Pao chicken go, Gar??
…while I picked out all of the onions from my Mongolian Beef like a picky lil’ brat
Onions: the devil’s vegetable
After dinner, I even got to visit my lil’ buddy B for some kiddie snuggles (Everyone asks us now when we’re having kids now that we’re married…why?? when I have other friends’ kids to play with that I can give back? 😉
Don’t play hard-to-get, B
I had to indulge with some fro yo, like I do every weekend….and almost weekday….but didn’t want to trek out to Pinkberry. Instead we went to Green Island, a local fro yo and boba cafe where the owners are super sweet and the fro yo and drinks are super yum
G gets strawberry/coconut smoothies with boba* in it
(*go here to see what these wonders called boba are)
while I get regular fro yo with honey and fresh fruit (see, I behaved ya’ll!)
Sunday we went to my big brother’s house to meet up with family to celebrate father’s day
How I do love my 2 dads…this is them in the photo booth we had at last weekend’s reception
So stinkin’ cute!
Keeping with the ‘you better eat healthy Dad!’ philosophy I’ve had going on, Dad got these sugar-free candies….he was quite thrilled I have to say
Big bro cooked out on the grill making turkey burgers
The spread was not only delish, but healthy to boot….besides mom’s eggrolls…there is always an exception for those no matter the holiday
We were quite happy, enjoying our lovely weekend
the happiness just radiates…see it?!
and I even got to play with a genuine Ewok
What’s that, you ask? Were there any downsides to this weekend? Not really…only being trapped in a car with hubs listening to his Jodeci playlist….I ended up giving in and singing Lately at the top of my lungs..
I now have some reading to catch up on. I have to check out Edward and Bella’s unusually large daughter and learn how to make my 5k faster being that I have one next Saturday! 

Hope you all had an awesome weekend too! Happy Dad’s day to all the dads out there! (and Moms who are Dads too!)

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