Honey, I want sushi!

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 Since I was still on my curry kick (I’ve cooked 4 different types in the past 2 weeks, I know, you’re thinking to yourself “how original, Kat.”)  I made a huge helping of panang curry Monday night to ensure Gar bear and I were loaded up for lunch this week. I was pretty proud of myself as I used vegetable noodles, broccoli (a.k.a. brocory), and mushrooms with chicken breast – oozing healthy. So yesterday evening, I said “Self, I don’t feel like cooking…but I AM craving me some sushi!” Instantly upon thinking that I texted G: “Honey, I want sushi!” .. he knows how I get down. (After the usual 5 mile run that morning I felt the need to replace what I’d sweat out << another lame excuse to crush some sushi.)
My favorite local sushi spot is a place called Kabuki. I’ve known the owner/chef, Yung, and his wife for over 5 years.

Review: Good prices and AWESOME sushi! I’ve had birthdays there…picked up take out…kicked it with a few beers at closing time…they’re like my sushi homies! So, this was obviously where I wanted to go. We ordered our usual: Yummy Crispy appetizer (great crispy won ton with oodles of raw/fresh fish/sauce goodness on top) & crunchy spicy tuna roll. I asked Yung to make us a mystery roll too…and gave him a threshold of $8 (he knows we’re on a post-wedding budget, so when he read it on my order he laughed immediately … “oh, Katrina…”)

I immediately decided a photo of Gar bear stuffing his face would end up on here more likely than me stuffing my face … yea, you’re welcome
When feelin’ froggy, enjoy some Bok Bun Ja Joo sake … the ad didn’t convince Gar bear to buy me jewelry weekly though so maybe you’ll have better luck with your guy?
Kabuki Japanese on Urbanspoon
In the morning I knew I had to work off this feast with the usual Wednesday morning spin with P-funk and F. Our spot is Revolution Cycle & Fitness.
It’s a nice small spin studio about 5 minutes from my house and they offer a deal per class for employees where I work as well as offer a.m. classes (we all know how workouts get missed when you ‘plan to do it on your lunch’…hello work, bye-bye lunch.) They also have 2 flatscreen TVs that sometimes show the music videos and/or psychadelic designs that are bound to keep your attention.
Sushi kind of knocked me out so waking up for 530am class was not a whole lot of fun…
this is what 530am spin looks like

ok, Mr. Bike, be nice to me … pretty please?
As usual F sat in front of us while P-Funk and I attempted to behave and withhold giggles. That was, until Lil’ Jon came on and F put on the ‘Oh Goody!’ face.
About 400-500 calories burned later, I felt I’d atleast burned off a few rolls and could take my usual “I just worked out at 530am but don’t work till 11am” nap.
Later, I shall tackle 2 miles and some pushups/arms at the gym … and I’m predicting that would be deserving of some frozen yogurt…eh? Anyone want to give me the green light? Because I’m all for it!
Happy Hump Day everyone! How was your Wednesday workout?

  • B.o.B.
    June 13, 2012

    Hoppy Hump Day hotstuff!

    I need some sushi in my life please.


    • KatSF
      June 13, 2012

      We should go, dancing queen!

  • Jess
    June 14, 2012

    I love me some sushi too! That place looks yummy. Must check it out.

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