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Ok, so I know I’m not the best eater all of the time. Even the gals in my run group all know that we like to get down on a cupcake or 2 when we get together (we’re getting together tonight, so this could be dangerous) BUT I do need to watch my sugars!
I didn’t really notice it until people are work started saying “we normally don’t see you come around the candy dish” that I was beginning a bad, bad trend.
You see, I’ve been running a lot yes, but not doing 50-55 miles a week…I’m no full-mary cray cray runner … yet. I am, however, running daily (woo hoo #RWRunStreak!) and have increased my mileage about 5-10 miles a week. It’s been helping my endurance with my ‘scheduled’ runs themselves. With all of that, I’ve been noticing that I’ve been craving more sugar than I was before.

Friday workout: 2 mi easy run before long run Saturday

MmMMMm, the Cap ‘n
I read this article that helped explain runner pitfalls with diet, vitamin needs, and overall cravings for both sugars and proteins. I even reached out to my blog pal SkinnyRunner who blogged this post to pose the question to her readers: How do you avoid candy/sweets
Most of the responses said to not have candy in the house. That, really isn’t my issue. I know where it is at WORK and I will go floor to floor to find it! (bad, I know) These were the 2 responses that made the most sense to me

It’s great to know I’ve started these things! You would also be proud that I’ve taken steps in the right direction! (not 12 steps, just maybe 4 or so)
I’ve gotten better ‘sweet’ treats including trail mixes and these yummy bad boys to keep on hand…the ‘keeping them in your purse’ idea, I’m stealing!
Especially when they’re BOGO at Publix, I’m all over it!
I also got a ton more fruit to have on hand, & probably over-did it, to make sure that I have ‘enough’
I didn’t really get 15 mangoes, maybe like 4 for the week 😉
My pal Lazy Runner, sells Nutrilite, which is an awesome line of nutritional products [even endorsed by the lovely Kara Goucher.] At one of his fun 5k runs, I saw these glorious tubes of funny-looking liquid he was handing out; they were, in fact little tubes of supplements! I got the joint-nutrition ones and the fruits & vegetables 2go to make sure Gar and I continue joint health with being active & get all of our veggies daily; we take 1 of these with us to work each day
There’s 2 servings of veggies per tube and it tastes like MANGO! HELLO LOVER!
I guess every day will be a battle..or a challenge.. ‘battle’ just sounded better, but atleast I’m aware of it now and can stop eating these crazy things that my family brings me when they come into town
Hello Kitty should have been the first bad sign
Today I’ll wear my Women’s Half Marathon training shirt to hold me accountable:
a) for motivation to keep track while race training
b) because it looks really bad when a girl in a running shirt gobbles down candy!
Here’s where you all come in:
Anyone have any other ideas besides vitamin changes, fruit stockpiles, and purse snacks? Any recipes that this non-baker can try out to quench these sweet cravings?

  • Jess
    June 29, 2012

    Nice post lady. I struggle with this all the time too. I am not a big candy fan but I love me some sweet stuff like cupcakes, and cakes and cereal (aka Lucky Charms). What has helped me the most is keeping fruits. I will buy some fruits and dice them up and take them to work as one of my snack. I also buy the trail mix that has dried fruit. All this has helped. It’s still a struggle though and you have to make a conscious effort to keep at it. Can’t wait to hear out it works out. :)

  • Beka
    June 29, 2012

    I love sugar, but I have a bigger problem with salty carbs(french fries, chips, high sodium foods like ramen or pasta, breads) with the more exercise I’ve been doing lately.

  • KatSnF
    June 29, 2012

    it’s a rehab situation for sure! Beks Im giving you those marshmallows to get them out of the house!

  • B.o.B.
    June 29, 2012

    Girl, I had a hard time breaking the sugar habit myself. I usually keep any kind of chewing gum nearby and readily available. And once you break the habit the sugar cravings aren’t as bad.

    Lookin’ lovely in your pink my friend! See you tonight! Yay!

  • Beth @ Miles and Trials
    June 30, 2012

    I wish I was kidding when I say this, but I just finished making some chocolate chip cookies! I think I’m failing with the sugar cravings. :(

  • meghan
    July 2, 2012

    Do a giveaway for the nutrilite! I want to try it! I have had such sweet cravings lately too. They’re so hard to get rid of.

  • KatSnF
    July 2, 2012

    oh, it’s happening! :)

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