We needed rain, but you’re pushin’ it Debs

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Debby is still here.
Yesterday I was lucky if I was able to walk to my car with out getting blown away and having my umbrella turn inside out for the 100th time.

I totally understand that, living in Florida, I am bound to have a hurricane, tropical storm, or 12 rumble my summer every year or so. However, you’d kind of hope that we’d get lucky every once in a while, ay?

That is enough, Debby, we get the point.
You drowned Bayshare
and have forced me to play nice with the dreadmill.
I spit, I mean sweat, all over you Mr. Dreadmill!
kayaking is fun and all, but not when you’re running
Can I go outside and play now, please??

I used to see myself as a gym-rat. There, daily, working on machines and lifting weights .. you know, trying to get all swole. Lately, though, I really do enjoy being outside, even in the heat! Call me cray cray!
I don’t know if it’s the ‘stuck between walls’ feeling or annoyance of hearing grunts and dropped weights in the gym, but I’d much rather head outside and stare at pretty birdies. See, there, I said it, I like the birdies.

Monday workout: 2 mi treadmill run & arms/pushups from Insanity circuit
I swear I feel an ear infection coming on, and should rest. But do I know how to relax and lay down and take it easy? no…duh! Plus I kinda feel better when I workout, I know I’m weird. And I should be getting some nice antibiotics today from the doc, so hopefully no more looking like this
Thanks for the hot compress & photo opportunity, Gar bear
Tuesday workout: 5 mi run on the treadmill w/Beks at her gym
Aaaaaand they’re off! – not really but we kinda raced
We did enjoy figuring out these Nordic treadmill doo-hickies while passing the time with some chitter chatter to get in our miles. A post-run nap was in full effect this morning after my time at the gym with Beks. Now, to go stylin’ with my polka-dot umbrella …. ella … ella
Anyone else trapped indoors because of this crazy Debby woman??
How’s your week going otherwise?

  • B.o.B.
    June 26, 2012

    Debby is a total downer. I’d like to swim but not in the street. Hang in there lady!

  • CarolineCalcote
    June 26, 2012

    We are totally trapped, in that we can’t go anywhere. Our neighborhood is flooded in. I’m going stir-crazy for sure. I am feeling my muscles turn to flab as I inhale and exhale. Yes, I could do some sort of at-home workout. But I NEVER EVER EVER do that, so it would be so weird. I’m a gym and outside kind of girl. Plus, my two kids are somehow taking up every square inch of our little house with their junk and with their pajama-clad bodies. Grrr.

  • KatSF
    June 27, 2012

    hope you escape soon Caroline! looks like we’re in the clear ladies! :)

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