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Man, I know I’m always quite the busy bee, but this weekend was a tad different: I was outside most of the time AND this brown girl didn’t hide under the umbrella..I know! Shocker! 
Saturday I met the group out for our usual long run but stopped short at 6 miles so I could meet up with my girl S for a day of kayaking.

S and I bought a Living Social deal for a 4-hour kayak rental back in January and just remembered to meet up and use those bad boys!

Cuteness, ready to kayak
floatation vests, check!

paddling for our lives
We enjoyed a 2 hour kayak around the bayou we were at in Clearwater…watching mullet flip around and trying not to get stuck in the mangroves. After cutting our 4 hour rental short since it was ridiculously scorching hot, we stopped at a Sweet Tomatoes Express to mow on some lunch and then headed to get fro yo at Yogurt Mountain afterwards, appropriately so.
I liked this concept for Sweet Tomatoes: no buffet but big salads on the cheap!
I don’t discriminate with my fro yo options
After I returned home, a dark mocha tan, hubs and I decided to venture out for dinner at Mimi’s Cafe since we had BOGO coups. They had an awesome deal on $5 wine flights (we chose the white wines) and a 3 course meal for $9.99…no coupons needed! 

come to mama

now, that’s a steal!
Sunday we ventured out to a local trail in Tampa called Flatwoods to let Bruce (his bike) and Sheila (my new bike) get better acquainted.
Bruce and Sheila were psyched to get out and move
It was hot…
really hot…
but we soldiered through 15.5 miles and 1,000 mutant mosquitoes
you feel so much more breeze riding vs running!
I had the bright idea of running my remaining 4 miles from Saturday post-bike ride. It was 10am, it was hotter than when we were biking, but my OCD to complete my long run made me do it.
Cheese! I’m cray cray!
thank goodness for a plethora of cold water stations (the Nuun on hubs’ bike was helpful, but warm)
The Rundown:
Saturday’s workout: 6 mi run / 2 hours kayaking
Sunday’s workout: 15.5 mi biking / 4.5 mi running in am, then 3 in pm
I did enjoy actually being outside, soaking up real vitamin D and spending time with good friends and my PIC (patna in crime.) I admit I’m pooped now, but I’m ready to tackle it all again next weekend! (sans kayaking) I really think that my body needed some variety with the WODs (workouts of the day – aka crossfit ‘lite’ for me) and time with Sheila. When you’re active you have to be sure to always change things up or it becomes mundane…and we can’t be havin’ anything ‘mundane’!
I’d hoped to get together with some girls tonight to run a nice recovery run that was to include girl talk and chatter time, but Florida summer storms did their thing and prevented that. I sat around the house for a hit but once again, OCD struck and I caught a break in the storms to squeeze in my recovery run to my recovery run…yes I know, “Sit the heck down, Kat!”
What’d you do different this weekend? (even if it was try out a new fabric softener 😉

  • lori
    July 23, 2012

    looks like a great, very active weekend!!

    i absolutely LOVE sweet tomatoes. i’ve never seen the express, but thats a great idea!

    and i tried a couple of new things this weekend with my girls- mainly drinks and restaurants. haha.

  • Jess
    July 23, 2012

    I am so sorry I missed out on hanging with you on two occasions this weekend. It looks like you had a workout-ful time and you worked out enough for both of us this weekend. I mean seriously I did nothing but the photos other than that I slept in hope that this stupid cold would go away faster.
    Depending on when I get back from Gainesville this weekend, maybe I can squeeze in a ride with you? :)

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