Friday’s Fit Fact #1

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Yesterday was a pretty packed Thursday. I knew I had to get in a workout before work, but also knew I had to work a later shift so I didn’t want to wake up too early either [8pm crash + cubicle nap anyone?] 
Thursday’s workout: my solo track party! I planned on doing 1 mi w/u w/a mi c/d and then 4x800s with 400 repeats. After the 2nd one I wanted to run inside and stick my head in a freezer; holy humidity! (and some of you say that it’s Fall – I’m jealous) Instead, I trekked through and finished. I was pretty gosh darn proud of myself 😉 1 mi w/u – 4×800: 3:52/3:40/3:45/3:55
Twas a hot one! … in September
I have been thinking a lot about my fitness journey and how I went from this:

2009 – before
to this:

After: this year – and use at the pride parade in June

 (sidenote: I’m giving 99.9% credit of that first outfit choice to J over at because I got to get to know about her at CFLBlogcon and have been addicted to her blog every since. Frugal fashion tips?! Sign me up!)

Each Friday, how about I share a Fit Fact that helped me along the way? Ok!
Friday’s Fit Fact #1:  Start with 30 minutes a day of being active, somehow!
I used to be very, very sedentary. I would go to school, then go to work, and come home and veg in front of the TV. When I decided to change my lifestyle for good, I’d actually gotten rid of cable all together and started walking. Each day I’d walk Jaeden around my apartment complex. I’d up laps as I felt I could handle it (overweight + asthma is not a good combo) Eventually I made it up to a mile. When I was a bit bigger I was uncomfortable with going to the gym, so I stayed home and just made sure that I was up and active somehow. At one point Jaeden had to have knee surgery (2009) so I had to wheel him around in a doggie stroller. That, was fun, but we were still out and walking and that’s all that matters. (sidenote: he had a luxating patella – knee cap issue – so his weight was a big factor.) When Jaeden was able to be up and moving, we did his rehabilitation together – best buds 😉 Trying not to get stuck in the rut of sitting at work and then sitting at home started to give me more energy and the motivation to do more! Some think that you have to go all-in and do an hour at the gym every day to see results, but you have to start somewhere so that’s not the case.
I went from 28 lbs to 20, so anyone can do it!
I always say, if I can do it anyone can! You just have to start somewhere and keep going from there!
If you’ve been down a successful fitness journey, what was your first step?

  • jenna
    September 21, 2012

    love your fit fact and love you pics!! you seriously made such an amazing transformation, and you looke KILLER!!! keep up the great work, love! spa <3

  • meghan
    September 21, 2012

    Nice job on those 800’s. You’re killing it! Once it cools down I need to start some speed work again. It was doing HIIT that made me get faster this past spring and beginning of summer. Gotta pick it up again. And I love J’s Everyday Fashion!! I love how she gets her inspiration from high end and Pinterest and is able to do them all for such low prices. It’s also fun because at the beginning and end of each month she talks about her clothing budget for the month and what she’s planning on buying and then what she ends up buying each time. I enjoy it because she gets so much bang for her buck!

    • KatSnF
      September 21, 2012

      She’s so cute in person too! Speed is hard to get back into post injury so just be sure to start with a couple of 400s and build up. After my cyst I did that and it’s taken me a few months to build up to 800s much less 4 of them. Knowing I have 1200/1600s coming up scares me! Without speed just doing distances helps your legs acclimate so that’s always an option! :)

  • IronGoof
    September 21, 2012

    Hey Kat – great post and awesome job on the track workout. I wasn’t aware of your fitness journey, so thanks for sharing. Those pics really prove what a change in lifestyle can do for you. When I see stories like yours, and how you have actively starting blogging to help other people I just get more and more excited. You are an inspiration!

    • KatSnF
      September 21, 2012

      That really means a lot Brad, thank you! :)

  • heather wilson
    September 21, 2012

    Wow!! The picture from 2009 and now…. blows me away! I have seen you change during your fitness journey since than and you have come such a long way! I am so proud of you and I can not wait to follow you on the rest of the journey! <3

    • KatSnF
      September 21, 2012

      Thanks girl! The older I get the harder I have to push! 😉

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