Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Randomness & lots of link love

This will be a post of random updates. Just a forewarning.

1) With Christmas coming up speedily, I took off this Monday (& Friday - insert evil laugh) to finish up some odds and ends for the holiday and tidy up the house a bit! Of course, I had some distraction with lots of clearance & sales racks. I found some great steals for myself also! I know, I know I was supposed to be Christmas shopping ... it was a moment of weakness ;)

Each of these was $15 or under. Pause for reaction.

2) On the workout front, I've gotten back into my run mode with the new sneaks and a humid tempo run yesterday. I was drenched by the end but had 3 race pace miles in the middle that I hadn't had since right around the Women's Half. Merry Christmas from the running gods?
3) Are you still enjoying the lovely #HOLIDAYADAY Instagram photo challenge? Jaeden sure is...I mean, #Santa sure is! Be sure to join the #Holidayaday #Mafia (Abby, Gina, Kate, Beks, Mindy B, Sarah & Mindy A) through the end of the month - it's a blast to see the pics everyone comes up with!

4) I also wanted to share some links from posts I've dug this week! Check 'em out yo!

Pavement Runner: He deserves it after running a 50 miler – send him to Seattle!
MizFit Online: She's released her E-book!
Blonde Ponytail: A Holiday Travel workout, no excuses!
Discombobulated running – She ran a half marathon on the fly!
Rebecca Roams - Beks and I had a blast at the Color Run!

How's it hangin' this week with you?


  1. I love the dress on the right! Where is it from? And congrats on your tempo run! I've got one today that I'm saving for after my trip to Trader Joe's. I have such a hard time being a weekday morning runner.

    1. I had a field day at Nordstrom Rack! Thanks, just trying to get my mojo back!

  2. Loooooooooove those dresses and for only $15?!?! Score!!

  3. love those dresses, girlfff! those are so cute!! especially the first one with the yellow and blue!! im all about the bargains ;o) happy hump day!

  4. Those dresses are super cute! : ) Great buy!

  5. Thanks for the shout out :) Love the dresses- Nordstrom Rack finds? I need to get some outdoor running in - least the mornings are nice and cool again!

  6. Love the pic of Santa :)

    Love the dresses too!

  7. How nice that you decided to make it a short week! Enjoy your extra time. I love this time of year. :)

  8. oh that dog! and that santa hat! and those dresses! and those shoes! hahaha love it all

  9. Love those dresses! And what a DEAL! Everything is always more awesome when you get it on sale!
    Nice!!!! Smiles, Tara xo

  10. Cute dresses! I finished up my Christmas shopping this afternoon ... and I bought a pair of pants for myself. Couldn't help it. ;)

  11. Thanks for the shout out... dress on the far left is my fav. of the three. Nicely done.

  12. The first two dresses are my favorite! So pretty.

  13. #HOLYCRAp I so woudl have bough them to for under $15, deal. Jaeden is adorable I am loving his #holidayaday pictures.

  14. Super cute dresses! I like the middle one and the one on the right. I still need to finish my holiday shopping!! Yikes!

  15. I am so not lucky with the finding good deals! Love the dresses. And the new sneaks too :)


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