Thursday, May 31, 2012

It has begun...

((Clears throat))
Hello blogging world! This is my first post, so it may be a bit rambly, but that just means that it's ...well, me :)
I have been lurking (I mean, reading) other blogs and have talked to a few friends about starting a blog of my own and they strongly encouraged me to put myself on blast and do it! So, here I am!

About me: I have been pretty active since I turned 30...being that I can't let time out run me... never! Hence, my drive to complete the Insanity program (March-May 2011) and get back into the fitness game! (Shaun T is intense, but he is THE MAN! He is witty and pushes you through a very intense program...and is easy on the eyes ;) and what other way to get in tip top shape than to kill yourself 5-6 times a week through plyometric circuit training??)

Moving on to where I am now, I met my [now] husband in the gym (a couple of years back, and yes I was too busy getting swole to see he was checking out the goods), go figure. We got married on Cinco de Mayo of this year. We've stayed motivated and driven to be in the best shape we can be in!

Happiest day in my life :) (Photography by our good friend Reid at 12-1 Photography)

My farthest run so far has been the Gasparilla 15k I completed this past March...and those who know me know I learned A LOT from this race! If you ever want to see the consequences of wearing new shoes on race day...I'll email you the feet photos...BAD!

The girls that moved me to do more running! P-funk & B.o.B.

The day I earned the "Golden Blister" Award

I'm now working towards my first 1/2 Mary  ..  13.1 ...  1/2 of 26.2  ...  and it's been an interesting journey so far let me tell you! I've been through "What kinds of shorts do I like?" or "Which shoes should I save my allowance up and buy?" and even "I hate shorts, where can I get running skorts on the cheap?" I am still sure to do Insanity once a week atleast (so that I don't lose my "I finished Insanity" status and some cool points) and run 4 times a week with spinning or other strength/circuit training in between. (Currently I'm doing the Runner's World Run Streak #RWRunStreak, going from Memorial day to July 4...running atleast a mile a day) I hope to finish strong but not worry about me, finishing is winning! (insert wink and informercial smile.)

Aside from all of this, and now after I'm done wedding planning, I've been working on my art portfolio. I was offered a place in a showing in good 'ol New York City, but since I have sold most of what I have. (While this is a great problem to have, it does require me to put in some work.) I need time to paint...and paint I will! 

One of my favorite paintings, "Opposites Attract", SOLD! 

You can see my work on my art site and let me know what you think :) I'm currently working on a commissioned piece based on a book that a good friend of mine wrote, but need to get going on some that I can keep for a show! No paintings = no shows and no shows = not a real artist!

I presume that this is a good amount to get crack-a-lackin' on this blog. Stay classy San Diego! .. or wherever you're from :) 

What are some races you're running? Do you have a blog I can follow?