Saturday, June 30, 2012

We've got pride and it shows!

Hallelujah for a Runner-girls'-night-in... finally!
We all planned to get together, sadly, to wish our pal F good bye as she moves away from us (not like to another state, but an hour away.)
That meant that we all got together for eats and sweets (yeah yeah I know) and lots of laughs!

Cupcakes + cute doggie

Then, on to long run day Saturday, the usual, with K and Beks. We did almost 4 with K, and then went the rest of the way on the 10.4 mi route....kind of...and almost. We made one early left turn and ended up missing a water stop. Never fear, we knew there were plenty of places around that would donate water to us! Taking a detour/shortcut - Enter, Burger King (insert angel sounds). Pure awesomeness.

Saturday's workout: Long run day with Beks 9.35 mi @ long run pace

Plus super cool crowns...(I know you're in awe)
This weekend I was asked again at work to participate in our St. Pete Pride event! I LOVE that I work for a company who not only has the coolest commercials [Flo, you love her or you hate her] but also celebrates diversity and respects EVERONE for who they are as an individual!

Gar did it with me last year, and besides having to keep an eye on him to make sure he wasn't taken hostage (he sure is beefy ;), we had a great time and I couldn't be more happy that I have a hubby who's just as big of a lover as I am :)

Us last year, with Flo...kind of

The parade began at 9am, but we worked the afternoon shift at the Progressive booth.

Here's some photos from the craziness that is St Pete Pride 2012

Me with hubs

2 lil' Pride supporters

My pal Rina came to say hello

These guys were super cool

Remember the painting I'm working on based on a friend's book? This is the guy, Mr. Billie Jolie :)

Jose & I with the 75th Anniversary IRV

I'm exhaused...after running and then standing in this Africa Florida heat, I'm going to lay down for a nappy-poo

Happy Saturday!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Sugar, Sugar

Ok, so I know I'm not the best eater all of the time. Even the gals in my run group all know that we like to get down on a cupcake or 2 when we get together (we're getting together tonight, so this could be dangerous) BUT I do need to watch my sugars!

I didn't really notice it until people are work started saying "we normally don't see you come around the candy dish" that I was beginning a bad, bad trend.

You see, I've been running a lot yes, but not doing 50-55 miles a week...I'm no full-mary cray cray runner ... yet. I am, however, running daily (woo hoo #RWRunStreak!) and have increased my mileage about 5-10 miles a week. It's been helping my endurance with my 'scheduled' runs themselves. With all of that, I've been noticing that I've been craving more sugar than I was before.

Friday workout: 2 mi easy run before long run Saturday

MmMMMm, the Cap 'n

I read this article that helped explain runner pitfalls with diet, vitamin needs, and overall cravings for both sugars and proteins. I even reached out to my blog pal SkinnyRunner who blogged this post to pose the question to her readers: How do you avoid candy/sweets

Most of the responses said to not have candy in the house. That, really isn't my issue. I know where it is at WORK and I will go floor to floor to find it! (bad, I know) These were the 2 responses that made the most sense to me

It's great to know I've started these things! You would also be proud that I've taken steps in the right direction! (not 12 steps, just maybe 4 or so)

I've gotten better 'sweet' treats including trail mixes and these yummy bad boys to keep on hand...the 'keeping them in your purse' idea, I'm stealing!

Especially when they're BOGO at Publix, I'm all over it!

I also got a ton more fruit to have on hand, & probably over-did it, to make sure that I have 'enough'
I didn't really get 15 mangoes, maybe like 4 for the week ;)

My pal Lazy Runner, sells Nutrilite, which is an awesome line of nutritional products [even endorsed by the lovely Kara Goucher.] At one of his fun 5k runs, I saw these glorious tubes of funny-looking liquid he was handing out; they were, in fact little tubes of supplements! I got the joint-nutrition ones and the fruits & vegetables 2go to make sure Gar and I continue joint health with being active & get all of our veggies daily; we take 1 of these with us to work each day

There's 2 servings of veggies per tube and it tastes like MANGO! HELLO LOVER!

I guess every day will be a battle..or a challenge.. 'battle' just sounded better, but atleast I'm aware of it now and can stop eating these crazy things that my family brings me when they come into town

Hello Kitty should have been the first bad sign

Today I'll wear my Women's Half Marathon training shirt to hold me accountable:
a) for motivation to keep track while race training
b) because it looks really bad when a girl in a running shirt gobbles down candy!

Here's where you all come in:

Anyone have any other ideas besides vitamin changes, fruit stockpiles, and purse snacks? Any recipes that this non-baker can try out to quench these sweet cravings?

Thursday, June 28, 2012

"Aw, thanks!" Thursday

I have to admit, I did wake up today and immediately thought "Ooh, goody, it's Friday!"...
alas, it is not...dun, dun, dunnnnnnnnnnnn

BUT It IS Thursday, and there's plenty of stuff to be thankful for!

1) I'm pretty stoked to be going to this event on Sunday with my Tampa Bay Lady blogger friends including LSSR, Beks, Rachel, and Jess!

2) I did NOT have to wake up at this crazy time today...I got to sleep a whole hour past it!

Tues-Thurs, I force myself to set this crazy alarm

3) I added another bib to my wall 'o race bibs, courtesy of my pal B.o.B. and her first awesome 5k this past weekend!

Yes, I keep them up in my cubicle..that's where I need the most motivation

4) THE SUN CAME BACK OUT! After Debby tore through this week, it was a burst of refreshingness to be outside, not on the treadmill, and enjoying my usual BPW & outdoor runs

Ah, herro Mr. Sun :)

5) We got to take ol' Jaeden out on a nice walk this week, he made it a whole mile! I get sad sometimes that he's almost 11, but he still acts like a puppy & is very healthy...I loves him:)

Where are we going, ma??

My 2 slow-pokes boys

I'm thinking this is normal doggie-behavior for receiving text messages

6) I'm beating yet another sinus infection AND will quit using Qtips as I've learned my ears are a little 'too' clean...some of my pals say "eh? you've never heard that they're bad for you?" and others say "um, I use them every day! They're bad for you?".. but the doc says I need ear wax, and ear wax I'll give him!

This lil' pack o' meds is evil and good at the same time...I curse sinus infections

Wednesday Workout: Spin class in a.m. + 2 mi easy run after

Thursday workout: SPEED WORKOUT! (1st since the cyst-situation)
800/400/400/400 w/1/4 mi recovery jog in between & 1 mi warm up & cooldown
was happy to get in a 3:25 800 and averaged 1:25 400s! This girl is coming back!

Happy Thursday folks!
What are you thankful for this week? (that's not a retorical question either)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

We needed rain, but you're pushin' it Debs

Debby is still here.

Yesterday I was lucky if I was able to walk to my car with out getting blown away and having my umbrella turn inside out for the 100th time.

I totally understand that, living in Florida, I am bound to have a hurricane, tropical storm, or 12 rumble my summer every year or so. However, you'd kind of hope that we'd get lucky every once in a while, ay?
That is enough, Debby, we get the point.

You drowned Bayshare

and have forced me to play nice with the dreadmill.
I spit, I mean sweat, all over you Mr. Dreadmill!

kayaking is fun and all, but not when you're running

Can I go outside and play now, please??

I used to see myself as a gym-rat. There, daily, working on machines and lifting weights .. you know, trying to get all swole. Lately, though, I really do enjoy being outside, even in the heat! Call me cray cray!
I don't know if it's the 'stuck between walls' feeling or annoyance of hearing grunts and dropped weights in the gym, but I'd much rather head outside and stare at pretty birdies. See, there, I said it, I like the birdies.

Monday workout: 2 mi treadmill run & arms/pushups from Insanity circuit

I swear I feel an ear infection coming on, and should rest. But do I know how to relax and lay down and take it easy? no...duh! Plus I kinda feel better when I workout, I know I'm weird. And I should be getting some nice antibiotics today from the doc, so hopefully no more looking like this

Thanks for the hot compress & photo opportunity, Gar bear

Tuesday workout: 5 mi run on the treadmill w/Beks at her gym

Aaaaaand they're off! - not really but we kinda raced

We did enjoy figuring out these Nordic treadmill doo-hickies while passing the time with some chitter chatter to get in our miles. A post-run nap was in full effect this morning after my time at the gym with Beks. Now, to go stylin' with my polka-dot umbrella .... ella ... ella

Anyone else trapped indoors because of this crazy Debby woman??
How's your week going otherwise?

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Shapin' up for Summer .. & dodging Debby

Yes, the title is a small pun from the 5k that my pal B.o.B.. put on with Lazy Runner this Saturday. I can ONLY imagine ALL of the hard work and organization that went into this race. With the amount of people that registered, it went off very smoothly and I couldn't be more proud of these 2 kids! ((tear))

Saturday workout: Almost 5 mi early before around 5am with LSSR, then the 5k.
After much thought, and seeing a bunch of pals adding to the injured list, I didn't set out to race the 5k. My legs don't even really get moving until around 2-3 miles (drat that distance training!) So decided instead that I'd push my pal M to a 5k PR. (What better way to enjoy a race when you're not racing it AND you can yell at a friend to kick their own butt and have them beat a personal best?!)

After my pre-race ritual (NOT in a port-o-let) I was good to go ;)

Oh, hey, we ran already, but let's do it again!  Me w/LSSR      
Me with C and F, and Wembley the doggie

Michelle did an awesome job stickin' with me through the race! I let the first .8-mile be a bit slow, and then pushed M faster than she was used to. I didn't tell her what pace we were at and smacked her on the hand every time she peeked at her Garmin. After gunning for the finish around an 8:15 pace,Whoa la! Horray for a PR! way to go Michelle! (I loved saying "push through the pain!"..."we're almost there!" - reminded me of Gasparilla ;)

Here's some finish photos courtesy of my pals Anthony & Jason

We're comin', go M, go!

Yay! She's done! and I'm flailing around like ... who knows what

Yay for a good race photo! No grandma face or cellulite thunder going on!

I also got to see my buddy Jess, as C & Wembley were creepers behind us

And got to meet Rachel as we listened to winners of awards...everyone but us

Group shot: C, Gasparilla Jess, Melanie, F, P Funk, me, M, and Gar

me with one of the directors, really, THEE director, LUB U, B.o.B.!

That day, I rested...a lot. Sex & the City played on repeat as I napped on and off. Fighting cooties, still??

After a ton of sleeps, I woke up & got spiffied up for a dinner out with our friends. We couldn't stay in and be old fogies now could we??!

We've wanted to try another local restaurant called Pacific Grill in Valrico. We heard there was Japanese food, sushi, AND Korean. Oh yeah!

Rach & I about to throw down! 

So happy to not be watching Sex & the City anymore!

Gar bear tried the Udon noodles w/seafood

I had the traditional Korean 'hot pot' with beef, rice, bean sprouts, zucchini, mushrooms, and carrots
The pot was extremely hot and I was reminded (a lot) to not touch the metal bowl it was served in

Review: Yums! I enjoyed trying another local spot with asian-fusion taste. The meals were decently priced between $10-15. My dish was $11.95 & came with a salad. Gar's was $13.95 but had a ton of seafood in it including salmon, scallops, shrimp, and crab! My dish was fun to mix up and tasted awesome. Our friends enjoyed their meals also. The service was nice to boot. I'd definitely go back!

Pacific Grill on Urbanspoon 
Did we make it to fro yo this weekend, you ask?
...Yes..GUILTY as charged!

Menchies is another fro yo shop in Brandon we go to sometimes as well (we don't discriminate!)
Review:  It's very kid-friendly with cute decor and the fro yo is only 46 cents an ounce! I tried their orchard cherry + coconut w/fruit and mochi, of course. The staff is always super friendly and we would actually go more if it was closer to us. They always have a great assortment of flavors from tart to sorbet to unique (chocolate dipped banana) to our faves of cake batter & pistachio.

Menchie's Winthrop Town Centre on Urbanspoon

This weekend a fun 'little' storm named Debby decided to dump loads and loads of rain on us this weekend!
So, Sunday's run was taken inside, and we all know how I LOVE the treadmill ;)

Sunday workout: 4 mi on treadmill + lots of stretching

When people are on these next to me, I feel like I'm in a constant race..sheesh!

After church, we got to see Men in Black 3 (Yes, we went! and it was good!)

before climbing back into bed and being held prisoner inside while Debby made it rain...and rain....and rain...

I hope you all had a good weekend too! ... and maybe it was drier than mine?
Congrats again to B & B on their 5k!
You know how I LOVE Comments....jus' sayin' ;)

Any races this weekend? Any weekend adventures?