Tuesday, August 28, 2012

We gets crazyyy

Post-move, I was a semi-good wifey and cooked lunch once the kitchen was all set up, but when it came to dinner I knew I had plenty of new restaurants to test out in the area, so why push it?

We headed to Crazy Cafe this weekend, which is like 3 miles up the road from the new house. A Japanese/Sushi place that close to home?? Heck yes!

He's gotten much better about drinking water, in front of me at least

1st up: Soup and salad

Hubs opted for the tempura platter - a fried food monstrosity

I got the hibachi chicken platter - with the soup and salad it was $10 for everything!

What a pleasant surprise this place was! Super good food, great portion sizes (lunch the next day!) and friendly staff! We'll definitely be back!

Afterwards, hubs knew what the next stop was per usual "I want fro yo puppy face"

new spoons at Menchies, makes me happy ;)

Posting my Monday Motivation post was a great way to kick off Monday; we were in a new place, I was happy and rested, and ready to take on a 3 day work week!

Monday's workout: 1 mi w/u & c/d along with 20-30 reps of shoulder/leg/ab exercises - circuit

after I did my blog post I did a quick workout-on-demand with Jaeden

it always pays to have an awesome gym at the jobby-job
We'll be headed to NYC in 3 days, so I've already started to pack run clothes...oh yeah, and other clothes...since I'll be running with 2 of my cousins who are both training too. One is doing her first 1/2 since I kind of told her she should and definitely could do that distance. The other cousin is training for his first marathon, the Marine Corp Marathon (my fave selection for 2013), after a disastrous attempt years back where he 'pre-fueled' with a Big Mac on a dare and gave out at mile 18 (he's been training much much better this time around ;)

Tuesday's workout: 5 mile run by the new 'hood

Hubs sprung up this morning when I woke up at 7 to run (the girls and I saw that Isaac was planning to dump ran around our usual earlier time, so we decided to opt for sleep instead.) I definitely do better when someone is with me (period) much less on a bike. It seems the main road we live by is all uphill but on the way back the downhill is a welcome surprise. Plus, the storm had me enjoying a breezy run this morning.

Any tips for traveling NYC?

Enjoy your Tuesday!     Comment love makes me smile ;)

Monday, August 27, 2012

Top 5 things that keep Kat motivated

It's always good to keep yourself afloat with happy thoughts and positive thinking, eh? Lately I've been super tired with all of this packing and moving and work and life! Believe me, it's a happy life (duh, happy newlywed!) but it catches up with me for sure. I never know how to sit still! To stay with the power of positive thinking,  I felt I should post the Top 5 Things that Keep Kat Motivated for Monday Motivation!

1) My before picture - it reminds me where I've been and how far I've come to get to where I am now. Plus it reminds me just how easy it is to pack on weight and just how hard it is to get down 4 sizes..no joke.

2) Being with this guy

We celebrated our Cinco De Mayo wedding with pinatas at the reception. I'm not 100% sure
why hubs has a plastic toy gun in his pants though ((shrug))
Photo taken my our photogs at Crash My Event

As semi-corny as this may sound, this guy and living a happy and long and healthy life with him, keeps me ticking. We've both had our share of health challenges and days where we just don't feel like it (and we actually pout) but we both know to push the other. Gar was with me, pushing me to my 5k PR and has a way of pushing me to do my best without bossing me (we ain't goin' out like that.) With all of the long runs I've been putting in lately and increase with my workouts, he's always first to compliment me and tell me how proud he is I'm his wife; who wouldn't want to hear that??

3) Runs with these ladies

B.o.B., me, Hollster, P Funk, F, and K at the Gasparilla 15k

At least 3-4 days a week I'm with one or more of these ladies on a run, most of which have been tougher lately while we have all had our fair share of aches and pains and injuries. We push each other to keep moving...we never let each other give up and we never judge each other when we're just not feeling the run or 'where we should be.' A great bunch of friends who you can spend miles of time with are very hard to find ;) - tear.

4) Working towards the Women's Half Marathon on November 18. I've heard many many times that I can do a half marathon; I've already trained enough to do one. I'm just one of those runners that needs to get out of my head - races psych me out. My goal is to work through this heat and humidity of Florida summer and do WHM as my first half to get me on the road to the next half since I plan to do one a month for 6 months. That way, once it's off of my 'checklist' I can wrap my mind around a full marathon...maybe, just maybe.

5) Finishing the long run. Weights and circuit training, I could do that all day, err day. I've always been pretty strong and good at strength training. Cardio and I have had a long-standing battle with each other for as long as I can remember. It's a wonder I'm even a 'runner' now. When I finished the 15k and started maintaining my mileage by staying with my running schedule, it became therapeutic for me.  I definitely think it'll help me come race time to know I've already hit the distances I'm racing. When it comes to Long Run Saturday, it's never a matter of 'looking forward to it.' Duh. All the girls and I ever talk about [the entire way] is how much we want it over with...how sweaty we are...how much we'd kill for a takehome of Pinkberry...or maybe that's just me. But in the end, we just naturally smile. I know that feeling of finishing and having my long run under my belt for the week is the best feeling. Not only do you feel super skinny (not the right thing to say, but it's the truth) but you get to scarf down on some serious breakfast & feel so rewarded that you're done! Honestly, the pain [I usually feel] is worth the sense of accomplishment. (As I ponder this Saturday's long run...yay!)

How do you stay motivated to keep going??

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Sunday, August 26, 2012

At the promise land

After 3 days of moving, we are DONE-ZO!
It wasn't a huge move...like,  we didn't buy a house or anything. Our neighborhood just wasn't getting to be the best and hubs and I didn't like me going out for 5 am runs all while the next good neighbor had random visitors sitting in front of their house...shaaaaaady.

I was very surprised I survived this week without biting a small child's head off after I'd been up every day at 445-5am to run and then did NOT take my usual post-run nappy poo in order to get stuff done and make 100 trips up & down the stairs each day. That's "Do Work" times 5 hundred.

Friday's workout: 2 mile run + moving (I tried to do 4 miles, but was too sore)

Saturday's workout: 8 mile run w/K (2 loops at NW)

Sunday's workout: 5 (ish - Dwyane, my Garmin, took a nap for a bit) mile recovery run w/K from the new place

So let's see (counting in my head..no, not using my abacus) that's 26 miles in 6 days, not too shabby!

How is 1/2 marathon training going, you ask? AWESOME! I've had a few people tell me, especially post-last week's-14 miler that I should just train up for a marathon. Thing is, I've already set my sights on finishing 6 consecutive 1/2 marathons starting with the Women's half in November. I want to tackle that distance and tackle it well! I think if I changed course now that I'd get all psyched up for the long marathon-training runs I'd have to do and just freak out. My pace has been consistent and I know that when we get back from NYC that I have to ramp up the speed training in September. I've had some aches and pains with the increased miles, but my love of compression has helped me recovery while also remaining fashionable (in my mind.) So my hopes are to finish the first 1/2 in 2:15 (totally doable, so I have another secret goal in mind) and then keep myself pumped to finish the other 5 races. I think that in 2013 I want to shoot for  doing a full. ((Gasp - I typed that!)) But we'll have to see! I never want to lose sight of why I run - because I love it. I want to set achievable goals and work towards them the right way - injury free and not setting the bar so high that I'll have myself out of commission before I can even get there. Knaw mean?

Ok back to the boring move talk: Saturday am, After all of my hard work prepping pre-movers-move on Thur & Fri, hubs told me to grab the pup and head to the new place Saturday morning to rest up. Yes sir!

Jaeden was not happy sitting up front with me smooshed between the stuff I'd shoved in there, so he pouted and cried with his face wedged in between his bed and the car seat, it took everything in me to not laugh at him the entire time!

I'd made sure to put on my Zensah compression pants, thanks B.o.B.! And we tweeted and facebooked waiting for everyone to catch up with us.

 After all was said and done, we grabbed lunch out at Panda Express (don't judge me, I was tired and hungry) and commenced unpacking the entire house! All that's left really is to hang stuff up on the walls...with NYC next weekend, that is really not a priority for me ;)

When it came time for a snack, I decided to stop being lazy since everything was all put away and made a lovely shake.

Me = obsessed with Chia seeds right now. They DO give me tons of energy and have 4g of fiber per tablespoon, hello lover! I used vanilla when protein, almond milk, non fat plain greek yogurt, chia seeds, banana, and ice. This morning I made the same thing post-run but added cocoa and almond extract, YUM! Hubs slept in until almost 9am (I don't even know what that feels like anymore) and I made him one for breakfast too; he's now cleaning and reorganizing the garage (told you chia works ;)

Today I'm going to get my feet sandblasted with a lovely mani/pedi and hope that Isaac doesn't spank us here in Tampa too bad (horray for Hurricane season.)

How was everyone's weekend?! Who's preparing for this storm with me?

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Finding greatness

So, we're still in the middle of moving on up...to the east side..to a nicer townhome 2.5 miles from work [not a deluxe apartment in the sky...it's not time for that just yet.] I can't wait until this is all done-done so we can chillax in our new place! I'd been in our 'old' townhome before we were together so it's nice having our own new place together ... fresh start kind of?

I woke up bright and early this morning to run with the girls as usual hoping I'd have time for my usual post-run nappy poo. I thought I'd be taking it easy, too, since my hip's been a little peeved since I ran a lot between Sun-Tuesday but we ended up being at a pretty reasonable pace, yay us! (btw I'm hoping this Isaac guy doesn't rain on our moving or my running parade this weekend/next week.)

Thursday's workout: 4 mi run

(btw Wednesday's workout: circuit of 100 Russian twists, 30 plank shoulder taps, 100 stairs, 20 weighted ball wall throws, 20 lunges, 20 scissor abs...I and lost track...)

Around 9 I ventured out to the bank and Target (the black hole of shopping death) before meeting up with our property manager to get our wonderful new keys!

Attack of the killer boxes!

My poor car was smooshed with stuff

After 2 [hefty] trips I was able to bring over most of our clothes, bathroom stuff, and the kitchen stuff. Yay for baby steps! I'm totally letting the movers move everything in tubs/boxes and just doing this one-off stuff. OCD, that's me!

I am pretty stoked, too, that I won a @Niketraining challenge! Well, not sure if I won anything fancy like a new running outfit (hint, hint, Nike) but hey I kicked tweeples' butts and that's enough to be proud of right? The challenge was to beat Lebron with the lateral switch moves in this drill.

Pretty impressive how we all did!

I like how Nike tweets these challenges because they're only 30 seconds and fun to see how many more you can do than super-fly athletes!

 I planned to run tomorrow morning, so we'll see how that goes. I didn't think going up and down all those stairs today would wipe me out, but color me exhausted! I might just stick to tomorrow being a rest day with a bunch of moving in between. And squeeze in some fro yo right in the middle ;)

How have you found greatness this week?

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A cooler full of what?!

Monday night I'd planned to meet up at Fit2Run Tampa for my first Ambassador Appreciation get together. Yippee! My pal, Rachel, had been to a few before so I thought I'd get off of work early to meet up with her and meet some new peeps. Plus I got to see my other pal R before she jets off to Paris! Win-Win.

To make sure I was up on the deets, I checked their page online and found out there was a planned run right when we got there...hmm, I should have figured this huh. So, I did a lighter strength circuit on my lunch break so that I a) didn't run too much (still a tad sore) and b) my clothes didn't smell like death when I put them on again to run ;) Genius button is never in the off position!

Me n' Rach

"How far are we going? - ok 1/2 a mile sounds awesome to me"

We ran down past the mall where the store is, along the access road by the airport. It was still a bit muggy out but it lifted on the way back. We ended up doing a 4 mile out and back, of course there was the boys ahead of us and us bring in the rear. Lol, the rear.

Sweaty proof.

The ambassador coordinators Brad and Kevin knew the way to our hearts with sammiches and smoothies, thanks guys!

Guess what hubs got brought home for dinner

Hello, strawberry-pineapple-banana-orange lover

And I almost fell over when I saw their cooler-de-NUUN!! I wanted to just put my face under the spout but "first impressions are a lasting impression" eh?

How many tablets did that take?

Our swag bags were a super cool added bonus. I'll be sportin' my ambassador shirt soon! I already tried the Feetures socks out this morning on my run and they left me blister free (with the addition of my Blister shield powder of course ;)

I have been pretty excited about this opportunity to be an ambassador for Fit 2 Run because I am pretty much there every other week (we don't live super close by either) and always rave to others about the store. I love their shoe and clothing selection (Hubs might not as much because of my purchase history.) They have all kinds of hats, shorts, skorts, shirts, socks, and compression gear AND they offer FREE Gait Test Analysis to find the proper running shoe for you. A lot of people who start out running should definitely do the testing so that they find the right pair of shoes and don't have to learn the hard way. Like I did ;)

Monday's workout: 45 min circuit (weighted lat rows, shoulder presses, scissor abs, squats, etc.)
+ a 4 mile easy run

Tuesday's workout: 5k run with P & H

Today I plan on chillaxing before work (with Jaeden and our USA Cheerios) and trying to find something for lunch through our messy house of boxes...someone hasn't been cooking this week for that very reason ;)

How did you tackle your Monday & Tuesday?

Monday, August 20, 2012

Just call me Strawberry Shortstack

Sunday morning I woke up, and wasn't sore! After my beastly attempt at the 14 miler Saturday, I was sure I'd be a bit granny waking up. I guess wearing my Aspaeris shorts...ALL DAY...was the key! (Hubs refused to take me out-out, which I made peace with.) 

Sunday's workout: 4 mile recovery run with K

K was busy kicking a** at a 5k Saturday so since we didn't get to do our LR together, so she met me up for an early a.m. Sunday run. Another SUPER humid one, but it got done!

CRC came over that afternoon, after we'd gotten home from church, to help me with some packing. Thank the Lord! I'd been twirling around the house like the Tazmanian devil (Hubs is helpful, but I am super OCD) and girl company sounded nice. After a couple of hours, and 4 newpaper stained hands needing washing, we ventured off to a Tampa Bay Lady Bloggers meet up at Parkesdale Farms in Plant City.

Our friend Xi and her husband own this lovely joint that houses much-loved & local strawberry fare along with tons and tons of fresh plants and produce! I was a little bummed I missed strawberry shortcake season (December-April) but WILL be back with hubs to attack it for sure!

prices to die for!

Xi was sweet enough to make us goodie bags, yippee!

The strawberry shakes here have been featured on the Food Network (#1 strawberry milkshake in the US!) They've also been adored by several presidents who've visited over the years.

Lactose and all, I love thee

The decor inside is all BERRY! It's a ton of fun, though, to see everything and kids love goofing off in the strawberry throne.


Happy girls and their shakes

B.o.B. was also along for the festivities and we caught up on all of our recent training, goings-on and what not. We're so proud of her, crazy-training for IM Augusta!

B.o.B. and I also found the best item in the gift shop to signify our trip...if only it was shortcake season.

The whole TBLB gang

Thanks again Xi for the day and for the AWESOME strawberry preserves treat! Hubs is going to love it! He's already eaten the gator jerky I got for him...that country boy o'mine ;)

made out like a bandit

Today for breakfast, I am enjoying some chia seeds, banana, protein, almond milk, oats, and egg white (tastes better trust me!) I'll do a circuit WOD on lunch and then head to my first Fit 2 Run Ambassador meet up after work, no case of the Mondays here!

How was your weekend?!

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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Moving and shaking

I hate moving.

I really really do.

You never realize how much stuff you've accumulated until you move. At that point, I am just happy enough to throw things away instead of saving them. Hubs is just catching on to this. Whoops.

These things are taking over my life right now and throwing off my chi!

I'd made up my mind to set out to achieve a goal on my Saturday long run. For no reason other than the fact that I know we're moving next weekend (having to split up long run day) and will be in NYC the weekend after (will 'joyfully' run and not stick to a scripted schedule), I decided to break the 13.1 barrier. Of course I chose to tackle this feat the weekend that my running buds weren't able to make it (busy shaking it up out at the club and kicking 5k's butts.) So, I went into the run thinking a) I should not use my headphones as I'm so used to not having those wires drive me nuts (fundraiser for a wireless headset??) and b) I needed to get used to and enjoy running solo - come race time, I can't be all needy-beady and latch on to a bud necessarily.

Go figure that the night before, I did not sleep well. AT ALL. I set out to fall asleep around 10pm, and ended up doing it instead around 1230am. Awesomesauce. With a 440 alarm, this was not the start of something great, but I rolled with it. Luckily I had some more Zipfizz to take in the morning, and then I was raring to go!

I met up with some of the running group peeps at 520am for the 'early bird special.' We did a 4 mile loop that felt a-ok. I kept a good steady pace even though I was solo (was at a pace between 2 groups so wasn't completely solo-solo, knaw mean?) I made sure to secretly sing to myself ("when I run by myself, I sing to myself...woooahhaaa") and talk to myself so that my breathing was level. We met the rest of the group up at  6am to do the 10 mile loop. Wait a second...4 + 10 is 14, not 13.1?? Wait for it. In the 2nd part of the run I being granted a miracle and had company! An old bud from the group who'd been out of the mix a while decided to do the loop and said she'd run with me. I warned her I'd gotten faster, but not as fast as I know she can go but she said she just wanted to finish and didn't care; she'd stick with me. Yay! So, her and coach stuck with me (well, he veered off 6 miles in) and it helped a TON. My left glute/hammy hip started to give me trouble around mile 10 (for me) and I could tell looking at Dwyane's splits. Once we did a few hills [that I normally avoid and go to BK instead] I kept looking for Dwyane to hit 13 miles and I would walk..I had to. It was a super humid day, too, and I'd already used my inhaler once. My pal was cool with that and I told her to run ahead. Just as I was about to try to run in the last bit of the loop and finish strong, I saw P ahead coming towards me. Yay she made it, even if it was at the end! It was just what I needed to come in, guns a blarin'...ok, not really but it's what I pictured.


We went to breakfast, after I guzzled the rest of my Zipfizz, my banana Nuun, and water - I was set to start my Saturday after 2 egg whites & a danish from Panera (our usualy stop.) I ventured home once I saw clouds rolling in and even caught a pretty rainbow.

See, pretty.

I tried to nap, but once again fell victim to the elusive 'second wind.' Gar and I had a ton of packing to do anyway...joy. So, a quick trip to Moe's (YUM) and we were at it. I took a break to start this post...while hubs gave me the evil eye...on the 3rd glare I paused for the day ;)

p.s. it was super cool to go into church today and see my work hanging up, holler!

.. on to more packing ((rolls eyes and sighs super heavily))

Anyone want to help me pack?
* I already had one helper today, thanks Jess!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Ch-ch-ch-chia + Zippfizz review & healthy oats!

The tale of Wednesday to Thursday was a very contrasting one. Wednesday I was a bad, bad girl (insert b*itch slap)...I ate almost every sweet thing I saw...there were skittles...and a cookie...ooh and a donut! WTH?! I planned to do just tabata circuit but added on to my workout to make up for my stellarly crappy behavior.

Wednesday's workout: 30 min tabata routine + 5k run

Thursday I was like "oh, no, Kat, you ain't funna do that today!" .. not really in that hood jargon, but it sounded about that...and I behaved!

Thursday's workout: 4 mile tempo run + 1 hour yoga class

P & I did a speedy 4 miler in the am, I napped (lovely after having super horrible dreams the night before) and then I not only trekked into work early but went to yoga class on my lunch! Our instructor is also a runner and did a routine that included lots and lots of glute and hammy stretching, ahhhhh. To boot, all day I avoided sweets! Let's see, I had a protein shake w/almond milk (my post-run staple), a Kind bar & apple, then leftover cauliflower pizza for lunch w/hard boiled egg. ((applause)) Dinner was beef/shrimp curry that we made at home after my LMT appointment - I swear I'm working on strengthening this left hammy/glute/hip but it still gets icky the more miles I tack on. Totally tolerable, but annoying as all get out.

The cutest assistant a cook could ask for ;)

Slowly but surely we've been using this mega load of basil I got last weekend, makes the house smell awesome!

So, Friday will be my rest day. And we all know that when I rest, I do laundry...take out the trash...cook...everything other than sit still..and blog ;)

I was super hyped to get my sample of Zippfizz in the mail yesterday too! I decided to try it out this morning with breakfast (plus woke up with a headache and feeling groggy so I figured it was the best time to test out this new energy drink mix!)

Thanks Mail angel!

I decided to try the 'orange soda' flavor since I do love orange soda (diet of course)...Jaeden was a little upset I wouldn't let him in on the sampling

Verdict: Zipfizz definitely works! It may have been the combination of it and the chia seeds (story coming, I promise) but I felt a good burst of energy (2 loads of laundry done and put away) and no jitters etc and good-for-you ingredients too! No sugar either! Me likey :)
Follow Zippfizz on Twitter for updates on deals etc.!

 I finally made it to the vitamin store, too, to get some chia seeds! I've been inspired by Stuftmama to use these bad boys to help with energy and also to help build a better breakfast and get me going in the morning! She's had a ton of great recipes that include them, so I decided to give 'em a shot! Plus she's a superwoman who has twin boys, runs marathons, and teaches fitness classes all day to boot!


Here's the creation I came up with (using what I had at the house) and it was great!
Verdict: I feel full without feeling full-full and it's loaded with protein and complex carbs! There's plenty of taste and it tackles your sweet tooth!

Cocoa Chia Protein oats

Prep Time: 10 min | Cook Time: 2 min | Servings: 1-2

Ingredients: 1 package instant oats (or quick oats 3/4 cup), 1 egg white, 1 tbsp Cocoa, 1 drop each vanilla & almond extract, 1 tbsp chia seeds, 1 cup almond milk, 1 scoop any vanilla protein, 2 packets of stevia (or splenda)
Cook instant oats w/1 egg white & 1/4 cup water in microwave for 1 min
Mix in 1 tbsp cocoa & a drop of vanilla extract & almond extract
Stir in 2 packets of stevia & tbsp chia seeds
On the side, shake up 1 scoop vanilla whey protein + 1 cup almond milk
Pour protein mixture into bowl & add on top the oats/chia mixture, and whoa la!

I think this is the healthiest breakfast I've made in ions! Thanks Stuftmama for the nudge ;)

Any new food additions you've been trying?

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Trying some tabata + some apparel shoutouts

Horray for Hump Day! ((insert happy dance))

The reason why I am possibly so elated on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings is probably because I get beloved sleep? Waking up to run the other mornings is crucial, I will do it no matter what, but to sleep in past 7am is glorious ;)
In my Saturday post I admitted that I went to Fit 2 Run and found a pair of Nike Tempo Low Rise Running shorts I was excited to try out. I'm not a huge fan of running shorts; since I'm 5'nothing pretty much, most of them bunch and don't fit right. I don't like the tight feeling from the narrow waistbands and how they pinch when you run. Muffin top is not the cutest thing when you're sweaty and running. I saw these shorts and thought I'd give them a shot because the first thing I noticed was a wider waistband, hallelujah!

Originally I wanted to neon yellow pair but then thought "this might not be such a wise idea once I'm all sweaty, the shorts are drenched, and everyone can see my bloomers. So, I decided to go with the dark purple/blue pair with the super cool neon stripe (compromise.) I tried them out on the Sunday recovery run I had with K, and they worked out great!

Fit: They were just long/short enough not to bunch. I got a small which fit perfectly in all the right places.

Comfort: The waist band felt comfortable and a good fit. I usually prefer to wear skorts (to avoid folks seeing the bunch 'ride up') but these were nice and thin with this hot weather which is sometimes the downfall with skorts (the flap of the skirt can get bug ya a little.)

Extras: There were 2 hidden pockets, but I noticed they were also deeper than usual pockets which made me feel much better knowing I could keep my key there safely.

Overall: I'm totally down to get another pair of these! They were also reasonably priced at under $40 a pair (I get 20% off at Fit 2 Run with the Club card so that was only icing on the cake!)

Another company that gets my stubby thumbs up is Viewsport; they make awesome sweat-activated fitness apparel!

The back of this tank is sweat-activated! source

Additional cool news: I wrote a blog post for Viewsport, feel free to check it out HERE!

(I would be over-the-moon if they'd make a #DoWork tank, just sayin' ;)

You can get 15% off by using the code "viewsport" on their site!

Wednesday's workout: Xtrain on lunch break

I've been reading this month's issue of Shape magazine and planned to try a few new move variations and use the Tabata method (20 seconds on, 10 seconds off, read more about it here )

I ended up feeling guilty about some sweets action (I blame it on my coworkers) so I ended up running a 5k on the TM, then did tabata with a mix of one legged pike pushups, pike pushups, box jumps, pike jumps, tricep dips, 1 legged square jumps, and LOTS of stretching!

How have your weekly workouts been?

comment love makes me happy ;)