Sunday, September 30, 2012

Link up with Weekly Workouts + a Giveaway! (closed)

This giveaway is closed

This weekend I had to keep in mind I was semi-preparing to race next weekend... Ok, so I AM racing next weekend. I need redemption, badly...on this race, as many of you already know that day is one I don't forget easily.

As part of my half marathon training I signed up for the HCSO Youth Ranch Run 15k that's next Saturday; fingers crossed that I kick butt and set a new PR so I can put Gasparilla this year behind me...forever! ;)

Looking at this week's workouts, I did pretty well for my first 5 run week (after a few naps)

Monday: 3 mi moderate run + crosstraining WOD
Tuesday: 5 mi tempo-moderate run
Wednesday: crosstraining WOD
Thursday: 5 mi speed workout w/ 4 x 800s + 400 repeats
Friday: REST (including a massage!)
Saturday: 10 mi long run at easy pace
Sunday: 4 mi recovery trail run

It was great this weekend running with some faces I hadn't seen in a while and trying to not focus on how fast I was going, but how I felt with the tight hammy and with be making sure to keep the right form too. I really dug running the trails this morning, too, as it was a great chance of pace and softer on my lil legs. I've done the trails before, but it's been almost a year or so - is this a fun new Sunday routine?
 I was able to also try out this beauty:

I tested out my new Handana on the run today. It's a very neat concept of a sweatband, on your hand, that makes it easy when headbands just aren't cutting it or arm bands just don't cooperate...or end up doubling as Garmin arm cushions like mine usually do. It really came in handy with our humidity still being a factor without being too much of a distraction!

trail run. done.

Want to get in on the tallying of all of your hard work each week? Welp, this week starts the Weekly Workouts Roundup (each Sunday-Sunday-Sunday ;) so, by all means, LINK UP (see end of post) & add this button to your post!

AND in honor of this swell-link-up-of-workouts-and-such, you also can win the chance to be my twinsie and with your very own Handana!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Visit Handana's store HERE to check out all of the options they offer!
Handana's Facebook page

This giveaway will be for one week! (See rafflecopter details for Disclaimer & restrictions)

Happy Sunday Funday - make good decisions! ;)

Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday's Fit Fact #2

Happy Friday everyone!

Another reason for celebration - an appointment with the massage therapist this afternoon! A good hammy rub down with some ultrasound is reason to sing!
Not to happy about the two shots I'm getting this morning....ugh kinda forgot about them. Dread.

Ooh! But is it rest day Friday and I'm off the hook until long run tomorrow! (Oh the internal struggles I have with myself lol)

Last Friday I started Fit Facts about myself since many people ask me how I went from point A to point B, wellness-wise. I love learning that about others I know who've gotten fit - crazy how many trials and tribulations others went through and how that can be motivating for us all!

Friday's Fit Fact #2:  Water is your friend.
Way back when, I used to drink everything other than water. I hated it. When I was a kid, we always had Tang or Koolaid (the kind you mixed like 6 cups of sugar with - you know what I'm talking about) in the house along with juice, so it was never part of my daily routine to have water - other than in P.E. class. When I graduated high school and a few years went by I started to notice my body change...and expand. And when I finally made the decision to lose weight, I learned how high of an impact sugar had on your diet; especially when it wasn't burned off. I realized, by tracking my daily intake along with liquids, that I was consuming way too many carbs compared to my physical activity. So, I cleared out my house; all juices and sodas (which were all I drank a few years back) out of the house - I made water the only thing I could drink. I dropped 10 lbs in one month with that and a combination of 30 minutes a day/3 days a week of activity. Amazing! Today, I drink water all day long. I don't 'over drink' but I don't wait until I'm thirsty to drink it either. I've learned that thirst is your body's emergency signal for water; you shouldn't wait that long. I carry around my pink water bottle all day at work; everyone knows it's mine because I tend to leave it places and people bring it back - aw. On average I drink my 'required' 8/8 oz. servings a day - more on long run days. Especially if you are very active, you need to replace what your body lost - and replacing it with sugars isn't the key. I even stay away from artificial sweeteners for the most part unless it's once in a while which is okay for me. Your body needs water, pure water, to handle normal bodily functions smoothly. I feel a difference in my overall health, skin, and hydration when I'm working out or running (I am sure to add in electrolytes when on long runs too.) Water is lovely, Drink it!

Good luck to everyone on their races & long runs this weekend! Happy vibes!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Throwback-Tattoo-Track party Thursday!

Looking through some older photos, I found a bunch of my different tattoo experiences! Yay!
Most who know me, know that I have a slight obsession with tattoos, but many who haven't met me are surprised to learn I have quite a bit.

I'll share a bit today about one of my more painful bigger ones :)

Circa January 2008. Look at that crazy short hair!

My "chubby koi fish" tattoo.

After sitting #1

In total, I now have 11 tattoos. I started when I was 16 (not smart, I know) with a Winnie the Pooh wonder that is on my left ankle (I will not remove it because it's my first, no matter how much it makes me laugh), and this koi tattoo was #7 (I've had 4 more since.) You can do online searches that give different meanings for the koi fish & show they can mean a wide variety of things depending on their placement, size, and color. At the time I got this tattoo I was just settling into becoming my own person, 28, independent. I got it to signify "loyalty to ones' self." I also had my artist, Angelo from RedLetter1, make him 'chubby' to always help me remember where I came from and to help me laugh whenever I looked at him - go figure ;) He added in cherry blossoms and made him a golden-orange color.

After sitting #2

Why do I have so many tattoos?

May sound crazy, but my motto is "they're not fun to get, but fun to have." As an artist, I admire the work of other artists, even though we're all so different, and especially admire the tattoo medium - I can't imagine having to work with skin as your canvas. All of the tattoo artists I've worked with, too (Angelo having done most of my work) are artists who also work with contemporary medium - the RedLetter shop even sidebars as a gallery. It's kind of a way of having a mini-gallery to take with me. Sidenote: I don't have any tattoos on my right arm, just my left and my back.

They also become addicting ;)

Do you have any tattoos or reasons for getting them too?

On the workout front - This morning, K and I met up at the track by my work to enjoy - haha -
a 7am track party.
On deck for me: 1 mi w/u, 4x800s w/400 repeats, and 1 mi c/d.
For K - add in 1 more 800 since she's marathon training.

We did it!

The sun came out pretty fierce, but we finished and pushed through! As always with speedwork ;)
3:50 / 3:45 / 3:41 / 3:54 (no more gas) / K did 3:49 for her last!

"Crazy half marathon goal" training is in full effect ya'll!

Happy Thursday :) <3, Kat

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Kind-of Wordless Wednesday - post 100

Ok, so this really isn't Wordless Wednesday - tricked ya.

This is me with my pal B.o.B. (aka Bethie)

She's one of the main reasons I write this blog.
You see, way back when, Bethie and I knew each other through a few different groups of people without even knowing it (seriously, like 3-4 years ago we'd worked together, knew each other through running friends, and had no clue!) Fast-forward to the end of last year, I saw she was doing these fun runs (good ol' Facebook) and I was finally ready to head out and run with others for a change (runners' stage fright?) She posted about a Christmas fun run with Running for Brews South Tampa where everyone was to dress in Christmas garb and do a quick 5k (quick, right.) I thought "self, why not give it a shot and just do it?!" On a whim, I met up with Bethie and that's the night I met another good running friend of mine now, Ben, and together we frolicked through the streets of South Tampa - we were dressed in Christmas garland and I had on the world's hottest Santa hat (insulated with whale skin?) The lights that decorated the houses we passed by were extravagant and we didn't care about how long we took or that we ventured off of the actual 5k route; we were enjoying the crap out of ourselves.

I started to run with Bethie more and met many awesome people through her that, to this day, are running partners of mine (she lives too far to play with us every week.) We'd talked about her blog and me possibly starting my own, but since I was wedding planning I couldn't bear to think about adding something else to my to-do list. After the wedding, however, it was on!

I haven't gotten to see her a ton as she's been training her butt off - She's competing THIS WEEKEND in her first 1/2 Ironman in Augusta! Being that I am a doggy-paddler extraordinaire, I marvel at her commitment and drive to hit this goal race amidst injuries this year and also having just ran a marathon in January! She's inspired me to keep going through tough races and runs and always lets me know that I'm doing a good job when I'm just not sure if I match up to my own standards. She takes a 'no excuses' approach to life which I admire wholeheartedly! Why complain instead of just doing it!

So, my 100th post is dedicated to my awesome friend :) Thanks for your kick-butt-ness ;)

see, right brained people can be smart sometimes ;)

Who has inspired you in your life? What do you have to thank them for?

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Going backwards to go forward

Yesterday, as I was blogging away like a good little blogger, I glanced over at my run training plan (the longest ever, that started in July but was to carry me to the start of half season in November) and immediately had a "whoops" moment.

Monday September 24 read:
Start up here - add in a 3 mile moderate run

See. Whoops. My B, coach.

It was already time for me to pretty much head out the door and go into work so I figured I'd try to get the run in with my cross training workout on lunch break or after work. Well, since it was a usual manic Monday, there was no lunch break to be found which meant I was trekkin' it to el gym after work. I'm telling you, now that I'm involved with FitFluential and FitApproach and always chat online with my other buds in training, I make NO excuse to cut out a run/workout...and that, my friends, is awesomesauce ;)

Monday's workout: 3 moderate miles (bookin' it on the dreadmill around 8:55 pace average) + AMRAP (as many reps as possible) for 1:00 each: pushups, weighted shoulder work, ab work and then this fun stuff:

Hubs is still working on getting his ankle to where it needs to be to start slowly running again - believe me, it's killing him that he can't. So, he was doing some PT work on the dreadmill. I hopped back on after my circuit and did some hammy work with him (backwards walking on the treadmill at a high incline - not too slow but slow.) I felt great afterwards, but was terrified to walk on the thing backwards in the first place. Much less take a photo, walking on the thing, backwards ;)

We got home to make cauliflower pizza. It turned into this instead:

mashed cauliflower with lean steak & turkey pepperoni, sorry didn't abide my Meatless Monday

We had way too much cauliflower and not enough cheese (someone's been sneaking that because I know the package wasn't open) so the 'crust' didn't bind well, but we had a great pile of pushed veggies din-din none-the-less.

This morning I was back on my game with the early run schedule! I fell asleep last night after a Twitter chat to wake up at 430am, as usual, to meet up with the girls for a moderate-tempo Tuesday run.

Tuesday's workout: 5 miles at moderate-tempo pace

Funny that I chose my 'breathe' headband to wear because it was COOL outside! I repeat, COOL outside - in Florida - in September - holy canollis! The humidity was still there, but these little lungs of mine were so grateful! Usually I feel dependent on my inhaler running in the summer going into Fall (because the weather here doesn't change much from hot to kinda-hot) but today was a different day.

Hello Fall, oh how I've missed you :)

How is your training plan working out?
Are you enjoying running more with this awesome new weather?

Monday, September 24, 2012

Motivational Monday! Featured Sneakers & being plank-tastic

This weekend felt not as "oh-my-gosh-how-much-stuff-can-I-squish-onto-2-days" as the past ones have been. That's not a bad thing persay, but the rundown feeling I get afterwards might be ;)

That may have been why pre-dinner last night I asked hubs to wait up a few minutes so I could squeeze in a plank-a-day - extra energy and was my longest one ever! (The "honey-you're-so-crazy-I-love-how-devoted-you-are" look was worth it ;) Good to know switching to side planks and still keeping abs engaged can help you go longer and harder!

Do Work.

By the way, I FINALLY got pumpkin while out grocery shopping and was able to make this for breafast:

Protein Pumpkin Goo!

 Thanks STUFTMama for the idea because I'd NEVER have thought of it! It's a mix of canned pumpkin, vanilla whey protein, almond extract, stevia, and pumpkin spice (with a Kashi cookie on the top - 1/2 of one.) Yum city + healthy as all get-out!

For Kat's Featured Sneakers on Motivational Monday this week, my pal Meghan from Little Girl in the Big World shares her passion for running and upcoming goal! (key words: DISNEY MARATHON) I know Meghan through our local blogger group and we've been buds since the Chevy fit for Life Tour event we did back in June. Check out her story!

Name: Meghan C


What is your favorite way to workout/exercise: It depends. Right now (and most of the time) it's running, but after running four half marathons from October through March of last year (with one of the coming the day after a 15k + 5k combo) and keeping up a training plan that wore me out I needed a break. That's when I found my love of BodyPump and BodyCombat. I had a running break, but now I'm over that! I'm ready to start training for the Disney Marathon in January!

What is your #1 cheat food: ...oh gosh. I guess I'll say chips. I love love love salt and vinegar chips as well as doritos. But for the most part I really don't stop myself from eating something that I want. In proportion (although most of the time I don't want junky foods). I've lost 22 pounds over the last 9 months, and I did it by really sticking to being fit and eating healthy. I didn't do a diet of any kind. I know that if I'm not allowed to have something I won't make it.

What advice do you have for those starting on a fitness journey: The first 1-2 months are the hardest. You'll want to feel and look like you've been working out forever, but you won't. You just have to keep going. You'll suddenly have a moment after a little while where you realize it's all paying off. I did Couch 2 5k last March-May to start running, and I hated that I had to walk so much in the beginning. But after I stuck with it consistently, I found that by week 6 or 7 I didn't want to walk at all. Just stick with it!
Dream destination race/location: There are two. NYC Marathon for the location, and Boston Marathon because of what it means I would have accomplished.
Favorite inspirational fitness personality/trainer: I love Karena and Katrina of Tone it Up. I guess if there was one plan that I stuck to, it would be theirs. It's just a lifestyle and teaches you when to eat certain foods. Also their workouts are outstanding and functional. That's where I learned about HIIT (will you link to this:

Workout apparel must have (+brand): I love lululemon and Nike. I used to wear workout capris but now I have started wearing Nike Pro Combat shorts to run. I love lululemon's tank tops. They're amazing and in my head worth every penny.

Motivational motto/quote: "No matter how slow you're going, you're lapping everyone on the couch." or "If no one thinks you can, then you have to." or "The miracle isn't that I finished. It's that I had the courage to start."

Dailymile: (Don't judge me. I had surgery August 7th and haven't been cleared to workout yet.)

If you're interested in being featured for Monday's Motivation - Featured Sneakers, email me at here!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Weekly workout roundup

 Amidst blogging (so much absorbed that I'm still putting into practice from CFLBlogCon!)

I've stayed steady with 1/2 marathon training and tallying up workouts (linkup coming soon for Sunday posts with Meghan at littlegirlinthebigworld!) I have to admit I'm not sure if I set my goal of running an actual half marathon race too far out with as far as I've been running lately. I mean, I am still waiting until November for the Women's half, but honestly could run a half now. I think it's all part of the mental game of running I suppose for why I picked a November race? Too chicken to run a race in a possibly and horribly hot "Florida Fall Month"? I could technically start training for a Fall/Winter FULL marathon right now, but I'm sticking to the goal: 6 consecutive monthly half marathons - I'll go balls-to-the-wall next year ;)

This morning I joined K for our shake-out run early around 630. It was much cooler outside, which was a nice change...but STILL humid as all get out! Come on Florida, the rest of the country is seeing that it's Fall...just sayin'.

I sported my Viewsport tank, and you could see the #Proof of my hot run:

With the left hammy still irking me, I've decided to start Epsom salt baths. Why didn't I think of these before??

I had shorts on, don't worry

Now, the trick is to NOT immediately do this after working out or you'll cause inflammation from heat after you're already hot. I read a bunch of online articles about the stuff, but check here for more info too. I always ice my hip and hammy post-run so I did that first and then started my plan of action. I read the bag of Epsom salt and it said to use a cup or 2 of the stuff per gallon of water? I just dumped a bunch in hot running water and filled up the tub with enough water to sit in up to my hammies/legs. (sidenote: glad we now have a garden tub because in the old place, this was NOT happening.) Did I notice a difference? YES! I immediately felt relief and didn't have the dull ache I've been having in my hammy. I plan to also see the LMT this week for another rub down and will keep up my stretching and strengthening to avoid this being an ongoing issue. I'll always keep you guys updated too ;)

This week was a good one! After the conference, I got back on schedule for sure. In my crosstraining I do have an opportunity to focus more on core and bicep exercises and start to increase weight a bit here and there along with AMRAP rounds. Sounds like French to you? Me too! Pace-wise I've been consistent with my speed work and feel like I'm 'getting used to' the 4x800s...and that'll be until I have to do 6 or add in farther stretches. On long runs I am so happy to have company there to talk to and enjoy the run as it's helped me a ton with my breathing so that I don't spark an asthma attack going too quick out the gate. I've had some negative splits as well which is always a plus!

Would you want to join in the Weekly Workout Roundup linkup?
(next weekend will be our first so be on the lookout!)
How was your week like? Awesome I hope!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

I love new things!

Because new things make me a happy girl & keep me from getting bored...easily at least ;)

For example, my new attempt at being partially paleo:
lean steak with broccoli salad & slaw - delish

After a Fitfluential chat on Twitter the other night, I got many great ideas from Kelly O and some other ambassadors on how to eat Paleo. With it being such a huge change in diet for most, especially those in this household, I know that my main goal is to try to eat as many paleo meals as possibly within my day to ensure I'm getting more lean proteins and veggies/fruits during the day vs processed foods/snacks. I'm tryin' man.

Do you eat Paleo? If not, would you consider it why/why not?
In other Fitfluential news, this awesomeness came in the mail yesterday - a huge thanks to the mail angel!

My Fitfluential tank from Viewsport came & [to no ones surprise other than hubs] I wanted to put it on and test out the sweat-activated messaging on it! #PROOF! (Check out their website for great workout gear that has 'secret' messaging on it, only activated when you Do Work & SWEAT!) Since we had dinner plans I decided that maybe it wasn't the best idea for an outfit choice. Instead, I shall use it on my shake-out run)
 tomorrow! Ha, yes! Check instagram to see what it looks like when activated!

Saturday's workout 11 mile long run

Being that this run was done at a 9:45 pace and started at 540am this morning and involved a still-pesky left hammy, I'm a very happy camper! It was great to meet up with the running group today and enjoy some chit chat with K, P funk, F, and Gary (another Gary) because the miles tend to go by so much faster. This run, there were no stray dogs or crazy happenings at least. We were all still wondering where the heck Fall is as we were drenched from the [still evident] humidity, so I'm glad I brought a change of clothes so that we could head over to Panera for a much-deserved post run breakfast.

My meal of choice is usually the energy breakfast sammich 

my Garmin, Dwyane, took a much-deserved break from my wrist as well

Anyone else use an arm warmer to hold on their Garmin because they have tiny wrists like me?

*Update - I am still in love with my ipad, Thomas. I do, however find it hard to blog on him when I have a longer post and there's no scroll option like there is on the PC. Any ideas?

Anyone ipad saavy who blogs from it and has tips?

So many questions, so little time ;) Happy Saturday everyone!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday's Fit Fact #1

Yesterday was a pretty packed Thursday. I knew I had to get in a workout before work, but also knew I had to work a later shift so I didn't want to wake up too early either [8pm crash + cubicle nap anyone?] 

Thursday's workout: my solo track party! I planned on doing 1 mi w/u w/a mi c/d and then 4x800s with 400 repeats. After the 2nd one I wanted to run inside and stick my head in a freezer; holy humidity! (and some of you say that it's Fall - I'm jealous) Instead, I trekked through and finished. I was pretty gosh darn proud of myself ;) 1 mi w/u - 4x800: 3:52/3:40/3:45/3:55

Twas a hot one! ... in September

I have been thinking a lot about my fitness journey and how I went from this:

2009 - before

to this:

After: this year - and use at the pride parade in June

 (sidenote: I'm giving 99.9% credit of that first outfit choice to J over at because I got to get to know about her at CFLBlogcon and have been addicted to her blog every since. Frugal fashion tips?! Sign me up!)

Each Friday, how about I share a Fit Fact that helped me along the way? Ok!

Friday's Fit Fact #1:  Start with 30 minutes a day of being active, somehow!

I used to be very, very sedentary. I would go to school, then go to work, and come home and veg in front of the TV. When I decided to change my lifestyle for good, I'd actually gotten rid of cable all together and started walking. Each day I'd walk Jaeden around my apartment complex. I'd up laps as I felt I could handle it (overweight + asthma is not a good combo) Eventually I made it up to a mile. When I was a bit bigger I was uncomfortable with going to the gym, so I stayed home and just made sure that I was up and active somehow. At one point Jaeden had to have knee surgery (2009) so I had to wheel him around in a doggie stroller. That, was fun, but we were still out and walking and that's all that matters. (sidenote: he had a luxating patella - knee cap issue - so his weight was a big factor.) When Jaeden was able to be up and moving, we did his rehabilitation together - best buds ;) Trying not to get stuck in the rut of sitting at work and then sitting at home started to give me more energy and the motivation to do more! Some think that you have to go all-in and do an hour at the gym every day to see results, but you have to start somewhere so that's not the case.

I went from 28 lbs to 20, so anyone can do it!

I always say, if I can do it anyone can! You just have to start somewhere and keep going from there!

If you've been down a successful fitness journey, what was your first step?

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thankful Thursday!

I'm thankful for a lot this week!

Thomas has been an awesome friend of mine and now with the new iOS 6 update I can now talk to Siri! I'm even using the new dictation feature right now to blog on my iPad which is the weirdest thing because I'm blogging is that illegal?

1) I'm thankful that Hubs got a promotion which is awesome for him having a new job & also for us financially and all. I'm so glad that he's able to use his skills and enjoy his new job! 

2) I'm thankful for Thomas as he's been an awesome I don't say to me blogging and doing what I enjoy doing. He's given me the push that I need to continue writing and telling my story and training so that I can help motivate others. (sidenote: he is now equipped with Siri which makes me think he's just a tad girly, and that's ok! The new iOs 6 update is pretty rad!)

3) I'm thankful for my new blog logo! As you can see my wonderful friend O from you designed a new logo for me this week and I couldn't be more excited that my blog is gotten a facelift! I love me as a cartoon, thanks again O!!

4) I'm thankful for all that I learned at CFLBlogcon! I met so many awesome people and was driven to do so much more including the new domain name and ideas for content! Thanks to everyone I met; you inspire me!

Photo courtesy of Caroline

5) I'm thankful for all of my new Followers! Through being a FitFluential and Sweatpink Ambassador and going to the conference, I've made so many great & lasting connections!

What are you thankful for today?

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

EWITH Wednesday

Keeping with the spirit of some posts related to "What I ate Wednesday", I decided to do a twist only because this girl needs to hit up the grocery store stat.

Enter: Eat Whatever's In The House Wednesday!

I remembered to grab protein the other day since we were out. Luckily Vitamin Shoppe had their brands on sale for Buy One Get One 50% off (Sale goes on until 9/30)! I paid about $35 for 2 tubs, frugal city!

This morning I mixed these finds in my house:
1 tbsp chia seeds
1 cup Greek yogurt
2 packets stevia
1/2 scoop chocolate & 1/2 scoop vanilla protein
1/2 banana

It made somewhat of a protein porridge? I keep telling STUFTMama that I want to try her protein goo but keep forgetting to buy pumpkin! If anyone wants to text or tweet me reminders, that'd be greatly appreciated ;)

Oh yeah! In other news, I finally bought the domain name to my blog!

I do love that if anyone goes to my old blogspot, which everyone is probably on now, it'll redirect them. Yet another task from CFLBlogcon done!

Wednesday's workout: plan on a circuit WOD on lunch today

Burpees. I dread the but do them because they work! They are definitely on the agenda today!

I hope you all have a fantabulous hump day!

Any recipe discoveries out of the items you have/had in your house? Do share ;)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Always training, somehow

Three days post-conference and my head is STILL spinning from all that I learned Saturday at the Central Florida Bloggers Con! I have already tried to put many things that I learned into practice to be sure that I don't lose focus!

1) I made a Vlog via Thomas the iPad - and have been using him to post
2) I bought my domain name (just issues preventing the switch)
3) I've been batch blogging still, yay!

Monday's workout: 3 mi shake-out run + arms/legs WOD including squats and shoulder presses

I felt obliged to treat myself to a [in my opinion much deserved] massage Monday after work - don't worry, there was no splurging; I had a giftcard I'd been saving for quite some time ;)
My main focus - the left hammy/hip. Yes, still. I've been working on the 'elbowing of the little people' arm movement & hip strengthening exercises (thanks Brad!) which have helped, but sitting all day seems to bug me still. Maybe I need a treadmill in my cubicle?? {scratches head} The massage expert person said that I still need to mainly focus on stretching out my hammy as it seems to be the source of the tightness I've been feeling. Got it chief! Also they said that the left side of my neck is ├╝ber tight and there was a gigantic knot in it! "Do you get frequent headaches lately?" Yesssssss. "Do you sleep on your back?" Um, no. I'm a super good tummy sleeper :) "You should either try to get a new pillow (no way) or sleep on your back more. Hmm, you might be on to something. 
Last night I attempted to sleep on my back. Hubs said that when he woke up in the middle of the night that I was half on my back and half on my side and I was grinding my teeth. Ah ha! He turned me back onto my back and I immediately stopped. Looks like I'm not only training when I'm awake but now when I'm asleep too?!

The sleep change must have helped because I was able to wake up early at 445 to meet up with P-funk & H to do a Tuesday early run, which I haven't done in a few weeks.

Tuesday's workout: 5 mi tempo run

My many faces

 A post-run nap was definitely fitting into my morning too but there is no photo-proof of that ;)

A question I get quite often: How in the world do you adjust & do early runs?

Well, the way I do it [I'm sure] is different from what other early morning workouters might do, but it seems to work for me ;) I usually have to make sure that I get to bed at a decent time (at the very least 6 hours before I plan to wake up. I also chew on a caffeinated Shot Blok or two to kick myself into gear before heading out the door - so any kind of caffeine or energy boost has to be included probably. I then pry myself out the door and meet up with good friends who keep me laughing and talking so that I don't feel like I'm running-running. I used to think that I couldn't wake up early either, but if I can do it anyone can ;) {not to be cliche but...} And if working out in the pm is more your gig, then go for it! My schedule usually doesn't work that way, but as long as you make time in your day to be active, then it works!
 Post-run I chug an almond milk and whey protein shake & enjoy a little nap before work (I work the midday shift most days at my job.) When I get up, I nosh on some carbs that usually include fruit of some sort and [as of more recently] chia seeds.

This morning's breakfast: Cabot greek yogurt w/chia seeds, stevia, and a nectarine. Yes, if you follow me on Instagram (katsnf) I like to include my pug Jaeden in my breakfast pics :)

What do you do to adjust your schedule to get workouts in?

May you all have a swell Tusday! ;)

Sunday, September 16, 2012

a Vlog hello from Thomas, my iPad!

Hello! Here's a quick Vlog via my new friend, Thomas the iPad ;)

How'd I do for a second Vlog?

Any ideas for other future vid posts?

What I learned at CFlBlogCon 2012

This weekend I ventured with my fellow Tampa Lady Bloggers out to Orlando for the Central Florida Blogger Conference! (#CFLBlogCon)! Myself, Caroline, Beka, and Jess met up with Xio from Parkesdale Farms in Plant City to caravan it on up to Orlando for the day early Saturday morning. Uh oh, Long run day?! Don't worry, I got this ;)

We arrived at the Orlando Science Center around 9am and were ready to learn, learn, learn! The venue was very cool with lots of exhibits and science-y things; perfect for my right brained self right?
(this is the Cliff's notes version of what I took away, so get ready!)

A preliminary bathroom break was in order before we were able to focus of course

 let's get this party started!

Literally, a party. A flash mob opened up in the middle of the keynote speech!

I learned a lot, - I'll share some of what I learned (way too much to post!) shortly, but was very excited to meet many of my blogger buds in real life! (horray social media!) 

Like, Steph, for example - we're SO doing yoga soon! 

 And Callie from theWannabeAthlete (here with her mom) who taught us about media kits

The beginning of the day I had these takeaways:

Via Lou Mongello (WDW Radio Guru):
  • Do what you love and work hard at it to gain the most out of it: blog frequently and about your passion
  • be professional at all times: you never know who's 'watching'
  • BE YOUrself!
Via Callie from the WannabeAthlete (local mom & fit chick!):
  • create a Media Kit, as it's your online resume + what to include in it 
  • Be clear about what you can give to a brand and what you offer
Via Julie from the Little Kitchen (foodie & kitchen pro):
  • eventually work to not just take freebies - monetize your blog by focusing on your pitch; don't work for free
  • you can pitch to brands and companies by building lasting relationships
  • think about what you offer/what is your value?
  • slot time for blogging (batch blogging, which is what I do, is ideal!)
Via Jackie (momjovi), Michelle (crazyrunninglegs), and Christine (cookthestory) during a social media presentation:
  • use the social media tools you have available (wait till you see what I got!)
  • Tweetdeck or Hootsuite help organize lists and make it easier to see followers and people you follow in order
Social media law overview ettiquette:
  • copyrights and how to abide my social media law
  • get a domain name - eventually - to house your blog 
Thank goodness for the Recharge room full of snacks, like these awesome strawberry cookies that Xio brought!

and Nawgan energy drink - which really kept me awake and focused & handing out my business cards ;)

After a snack I learned a ton more, of course:

Via Rachelle aka @travelblggr at - Twitter overview:
  • Twitter has SO many advantages and tools to help create a following
  • be honest, spell right, watch the ton of your tweets
  • be aware of why you're doing what you do; build relationships with those you look up to
  • be your own niche
  • treat your fans like friends! Duh!

  • Afternoon tidbits:
  • Rep Yo Hood! I mean, get out in your local area and discover what your readers might be interested to learn about (food, events, etc.)

  • Via Justice Mitchell - telling a story:
  • tell a story that is intriguing and easy to retell
  •  Vlog...and Vlog often! order of attention getters: watch, listen, read

  • A day of social media overload definitely called for us to bring out the big guns, aka a power strip we found. If sharing one of these isn't intimate, I don't know what is.

    Lunch was provided by Bahama Breeze, and was yum! Thanks Bahama Breeze!

    Chicken, salad, sweet potatoes, paella oh my!

    The organizers of CFLBlogCon really did an AWESOME job with feeding us and making sure we had plenty of great content to learn and takeaway! There were great breakouts and speakers galore! After lunch, even, there was a yoga break I decided to take advantage of since I have a mild case of 'can't sit still very long' and thought it might center my Chi..or something.

    3 weeks from giving birth, Katy Widrick was in the yoga session and such a sweetheart! She did great helping put this together & being a trooper when that flash mob took her thunder ;)!

    Bess Auer did a fantastic job making sure we were all where we needed to be at all times and was the master organizer!

    Bloggers who yoga

    I really enjoyed out Fit Bloggers breakout session where I got to meet a few more peeps I'd seen online and we all chatted about our blogs and upcoming races, etc.!

    top: Julie from PBFingers, Carissa from Fit2Flex, Rach from Runnerstales, me, Caroline
    Bottom: Paula from EatWatchRun, Steph, and Tekeya (our yoga instructor from break)

    Yelp Orlando put on a kick-butt after party with food, music, [drinks], and prize giveaways!

    Fit chicks love them some Yelp!

    Remember about a 2 months ago, I wrote this post about United Arts of Central Florida?
    Well, we had the opportunity to "Blog for Good" and help write posts to support 1 of 6 non-profit organizations working with the conference as they were each raffling off gift baskets for charity
    I decided to write for United Arts because....well, I love art & they're a great organization that supports performing, contemporary and all sorts of art in the Central Florida/Orlando area! I know the importance of using the right side of your brain to expand on your mind's many possibilities!

    Each organization gave away a giftcard for the post they liked the most, I was surprised to win that! Then, Bess announced the winner of the iPad. The elusive iPad. One iPad was going to one of us bloggers who wrote a post out of all who wrote for "Blogging for Good." I'd prayed and prayed and hoped and wished to win this iPad. My laptop broke about 8 months ago -blue screen of death :( - and our P.C. sometimes isn't the brightest crayon in the box.


    I won MY PRECIOUS!

    I literally did what one tweet called "a touchdown dance" when I heard my name...clearly...and was super stoked to win a 64GB iPad 3! The rest of the night included a death-grip around my new baby, and more noshing before we were all set to trek it back to our side of the state. As much as I wanted to play with Thomas, yes I named the iPad too, I knew when I got home (over an hour drive back from Orlando) I had to get to bed to be up Sunday to run. Say WHaT!?

    Sreepy Kat

    Sunday's workout: 10 mi long run at long run pace

    Thomas got a CUTE new case from Marshall's...a Steven Madden case...for only $14.99! Hello frugal shopper!

    There WILL be a blog post soon that will be Vlogged from this puppy once I figure it out - Workshop tomorrow morning at 9 ;) CFLBlogcon was an awesome experience and I look forward to more conferences and to applying all I've learned from yesterday. Thomas and I bid you 'see you later'!

    What other blog questions should I tackle? How was your weekend?