Monday, December 23, 2013

Monday's Motivation #51 + What's coming up

Monday is here! 2 days until Christmas - AH!!

This past weekend, we did get a LOT done BUT did make sure to take time for much needed down and QT time - as much as I could sit still anyway ;)

Christmas shopping is 99.5% DONE and I got back into the running game with a 10 mile long run Saturday - YAHOO! With NO pain and a pace I'm SUPER happy with! T25 and Turbo Fire could be my magic ingredients to a successful plan, ay?

7 outside, then 3 inside - BOOM!

Trying out Core Power as a post-run protein boost - it's DELICIOUS AND high in protein!

Winters in Florida - for reals there is NO white Christmas up in here

Silliness x 2 - nothing better! (iPhone photobomb!)

This Monday's Motivation comes from Caroline, a runner-girl Sweatpink sister who stays motivated through other workouts and living life by beating mental blocks!
Name: Caroline

What is your favorite way to workout/exercise: (running, crossfit, etc what is it?!) I don't think I can choose just one. I'm a big believer in moderation being healthy, so I don't continuously do one form of exercise. I love running and pilates, and recently (because I just got a bike of my own a few weeks ago!) biking! I'm also a pilates barre instructor, and I love that form of exercise as well! 

What is your #1 cheat food: I don't do cheat foods- there's no reason to create a guilty situation! Like I said above, I believe in things being in moderation, and desserts and junk food fit into that. I can tell you when snacks/desserts I love though! I make cupcakes about once a month, so I'm always eating those, and I love frozen yogurt (don't eat that too often though because I'm lactose intolerant), brownies, and chips! 

What advice do you have for those starting on a fitness journey: (What can you share with others from your own journey?) I actually wrote a post recently about how I got started running, and my best advice in starting to exercise for yourself (you can find it here: If you're starting your fitness journey, don't compare yourself to anyone else, and be patient with your own progress. We are each individuals and because of that, our bodies need different things and will progress differently! 

Dream destination race/location:  Greece! I'd love to run an official race in a country I love so much! The views and history are epic, and I'd love to run in a place that has such a rich running history. I've had the chance to run in the original Olympic stadium in Olympia, Greece before and that was so cool! (a post on that is here:

Favorite inspirational fitness personality/trainer: Honestly, I don't really have one. I listen to The Jillian Michaels Podcast every week on a run, and I enjoy the Biggest Loser, so maybe her? 

Workout apparel must have (+brand): I wear Brooks Adrenalines while I run, and I LOVE them! Otherwise, I'm not dedicated to one brand. I wear Nike, Adidas, and a bunch of random workout apparel I've found at TJ Maxx. I've found great workout gear there!

Motivational motto/quote: "The voice in your head that says that you can't do this is a liar". I have my master's in mental health counseling, so I know how powerful our thoughts are, and how they influence the feelings we have and the behaviors in which we engage. That thought-feeling-behavior connection is a powerful one, and we all need to be checking in with our thoughts regularly to make sure they are realistic! 

Social Media - connect!
Twitter: @kalolainastar

I hope EVERYONE has an AWESOME Christmas Holiday this week!!

OOH and be sure to check out the 12 MOVES OF CHRISTMAS LADDER WORKOUT I posted over at my friend Katie's blog today >> HERE!! AND Join in my January Challengeloop to change #Just1Thing at a time to form good healthy habits >> HERE!

AND I'll be Virtually coaching peeps through an AWESOME 21 Day Challenge group starting January 6 (Pre-Week) so Email me HERE for more info on that!!

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  1. hey i spy my favorite corepower! yay, you are right!

  2. I haven't tried Core Power yet. It looks interesting though. What's your favorite flavor?

    1. Strawberry banana is a fave of mine right now!

  3. Nice to meet you Caroline! Greece would be pretty fantastic race location!

  4. So glad you had no pain Kat! Yay! Nice to meet you Caroline!

  5. Woot woot! for no pain. Nice to meet you, Caroline!!

  6. Woo hoo! Hey yo Caroline! Ummm, ya Greece is cool... but SF is so much closer.

    That goes for you too, Kat!

  7. Always love these stories of people - thank you!!!!

  8. WooHoo for a pain free run!!
    I love Turbo Fire - Chalean makes the workouts so much fun!!

  9. "The voice in your head that says that you can't do this is a liar" - Love that quote but it can definitely be hard to act on it sometimes. I think this year it's time to put a damper on that voice!

  10. Your FL Christmas attire looks about like ours here. 80 right now outside. Yikes!

  11. mmm i want to try that strawberry core power - looks and sounds delish! merry christmas!

  12. You are so awesome! Love your workouts. Merry Christmas!

  13. You sure got my attention with Greece! That would be fantastic!

  14. Caroline - I am right there with you, there is no such thing as a cheat food in my life!!! Just delicious foods :)

    And Kat, I don't know if I could live without a white XMAS!!


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