Monday’s Motivation – Kicking off 2014! #1

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๏ปฟI hope you all had a WONDERFUL weekend!
Mine included some more changes to the hurr ‘do
and some QT with hubby and friends and family!

Always important to have QT! and water martinis ๐Ÿ˜‰ haha

Transitioning from Featured Sneakers to Monday’s Motivation recently, we’ve still got MOTIVATIONAL posts coming each Monday with the New Year too! Today we have Carly who is a fellow Sweatpink sister who inspires others with her running journey and who also features others and their accomplishments with her own version on her blog! Check out more about her here:

Name: Carly Pizzani

Motto/Inspirational Quote? Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions. – The Dalai Lama

 What is your favorite way to workout/exercise MOVE!: Running! Strength training is a close second. Last year was my second time running the NYC Marathon and my first since having my son (who is 2 years old). I really wanted to set a PR, to prove to myself that being a mama only makes you stronger. And I did it! It was one of the best moments of my life!

What is your #1 indulgence? Aside from the occasional treat, how do you substitute it? Red wine. And cheese. I eat healthily most of the time, so if I want a glass of wine, or some cheese and crackers, I don’t deprive myself. Everything in moderation!

Whatโ€™s your go-to snack? If I’m out and about, I love Pure bars, or Kind bars for a quick snack. At home, I usually snack on fruit (I could eat apples all day long) or yogurt.

What advice do you have for those starting on a fitness journey? It’s so hard to start from scratch, so I have a huge amount of respect for those starting (or restarting) their fitness journey. I’m a personal trainer, so I have worked with countless new clients beginning with me from a low fitness level. My advice is always to take it day by day and week by week. Set small, manageable goals for yourself. If you only have the end goal in mind, whether it’s losing 30 pounds or being able to run a 5K when you currently have trouble with one flight of stairs, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and discouraged.
My other advice is to keep track of your progress, so you can look back at how far you’ve come when you’re struggling. I always log my clients’ workouts so we can track strength and endurance increases. Also helpful are body fat measurements, girth measurements and before & after photos. An easy way to track your fitness with or without a trainer is to have a ‘base’ workout to repeat throughout your journey, so you can see the improvements.

Bucket list destination/race/to-do? The Paris Marathon would be a dream race destination for me. It’s one of my favorite cities in the world and afterwards I could recover and be in the perfect place for indulging in aforementioned red wine and cheese!!

Favorite inspirational fitness personality/trainer/idol? I think Kara Goucher is amazing. She’s talented, down to earth and was the model of a fit pregnancy. I would love to meet her one day. Even better, I would love to interview her for my ‘Fit Mama Friday’ feature which I write weekly on my blog!

What workout apparel is your MUST have? I really like the Champion line for Target – it’s inexpensive, cute and comfortable. I have a lot of their tops and capris. For running I love Nike shorts and Mizuno sneakers. And since they’ve had some terrible media blunders lately, it’s probably not cool to admit, but I do love my Lululemon Wunder Under pants. They are expensive, but in terms of cost per wear they were totally worth it.

What do you wish you knew years ago that you know now? I consciously try to live in the moment now. I feel like I used to always be focused on an end goal, or already be thinking about the ‘next’ thing coming up even as I was accomplishing a goal. Two major, life-changing experiences – my husband going through a terrifying illness and when I had our son – taught me that living in the future is just as pointless as living in the past. Right now is what matters most.

Social Media – connect!

Twitter: @carlypizzani

Instagram: carlypizzani

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Can you tell what one of my FAVORITE colors is?! ๐Ÿ˜‰
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  • MIZ
    January 6, 2014

    I too adore Kara Goucher….

    • Katrina Elle
      January 6, 2014

      She’s the cutest!

    • Carly Pizzani
      January 6, 2014

      ((Waves back at Miz!)) She’s so humble and down to earth, all while being a kick-ass runner. Love her!

  • Laura @ Mommy run fast
    January 6, 2014

    Aww, great feature! I wish I could say wine and cheese were my indulgence rather than desserts. :-)

  • Presley @ Run Pretty
    January 6, 2014

    I love your hair! (And love the feature.) :)

    January 6, 2014

    Maybe purple? LOL. I love it too, it’s an LSU color. :)

  • Cotter Crunch
    January 6, 2014

    oh carly yes, your last one hit home–> live in the moment. Learning that!

    • Carly Pizzani
      January 6, 2014

      It’s so hard to do sometimes, Lindsay, but even when I catch myself deep in the “what ifs” I try to use it as a reminder to breathe and come back to the present.

  • Krysten
    January 6, 2014

    LOVE the purple! You look adorable!

  • Mindy Bobe
    January 6, 2014

    I LOVE the purple Kat!!! Hey Carly! Running in Paris sounds like a dream come true to me too!

  • Runaway Bridal Planner
    January 6, 2014

    Love the purple! I’m jealous, I’ve aways wanted to get dark purple put into my brown hair:) Looks great!

  • Teamarcia
    January 6, 2014

    LOVE the hair! My favorite color too! Yay for Carly–one of my favorite elves!

  • We Run Disney
    January 6, 2014

    I think it is so impressive that Carly got a PR after having a baby less than 2 years prior to the race. Paris is a favorite city of ours too, but check out the Marathon de Medoc, in France where you drink wine along theracce course. It might be a perfect fit for a wine lover. See you soon Kat, and hopefully the flights all go as scheduled!

    • Carly Pizzani
      January 6, 2014

      Thank you SO much, Pam & Christine! :) Not sure how I would go drinking wine while I run a marathon – but that is part of why I love the French!

  • Kim
    January 6, 2014

    I love your feature today – Carly is one of my favorites!!!
    Cute new hair!!!

  • Natalie Torres
    January 6, 2014

    Love the hair and your feature for today!!

  • Laura Anderson
    January 6, 2014

    Love your hair, totally chic and fabulous!

    I am totally with Carly, Paris marathon!

  • Carrie @ Fitness and Frozen Grapes
    January 7, 2014

    The purple is so edgy–love it!

  • Angela @ Happy Fit Mama
    January 7, 2014

    Nice to meet you Carly! Running the Paris marathon with Kara? That would be insane!

    And love you hair Kat!

    • Carly Pizzani
      January 9, 2014

      Let’s do it, Angela! Wine and cheese on me for post-race refueling!

  • Abby
    January 7, 2014

    Wine and cheese are my favorite splurge too!

  • Melissa Burton
    January 7, 2014

    Great to meet you Carly! I love that you like Champion by Target (they’re getting even more stylish now, right?).

    I’m also exceptionally impressed at your training and running NYC after your child was born. It’s hard not only to train for a marathon but putting the time in for yourself when you become a parent takes on a new meaning that isn’t always easy to justify to oneself but it’s entirely necessary!

    • Carly Pizzani
      January 9, 2014

      Thank you so much, Melissa! Originally I was in for NYC 2012, thinking (while pregnant) that I’d be able to train for it easily. Then I had my son and realized how hard motherhood can be! Even if 2012 wasn’t cancelled, I would still have deferred. It still took a lot of scheduling and planning to get the training done, so I appreciate your comment! And YES, the Target line is much cooler now! I really like their colors & patterns.

  • Itz Linz
    January 7, 2014

    lovin’ your hurr!!

  • Kierston @candyfit
    January 7, 2014

    Loving the hair!

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