Hi, my name is Katrina.


I’m just an average gal trying to balance Faith, Family, and LIFE just like everyone else! I’m now a Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Master Trainer, and Fitness nut. I have had humble beginnings and my life didn’t evolve until I realized that my story could change only with me changing it and with me using it as an example for others..


Keeping fit isn’t easy…

Rewinding a bit: Like many people, I’ve yo-yo’ed through the years with diets, quick fixes and different workouts that were supposed to ‘work.’


I’ve been down the road of fat burners and get-fit-quick diets that would work at first, and then L-B’s would just tack back on when I stopped taking them. I ended up discovering that doing it the hard way, the healthy way, though proper eating and working out was KEY! I haven’t felt as fit and healthy as I do now and it was all from hard work and remaining active along with watching my food intake and enjoying splurges here and there (not regularly.) There was & is no quick-fix or magic pill. Once I realized that and did it all naturally and trusted in God to lead my decisions in life, it all came together and I’ve maintained being healthy/fit since 2010.  I stay motivated by surrounding myself with POSITIVE and LIKE MINDED PEOPLE who focus on their GOALS by motivating and inspiring others!


Before: 2008 After [Insanity] 2011


I happened to meet my husband, by the way, in the gym while I was on my INSANITY journey. Figures!


Mr. and Mrs. (professional photos by the awesome Reid @12-1 photography)


As a Type 1 Diabetic, his goal is to focus on a healthy diet and make fitness a priority to balance blood sugars and avoid issues with his diabetes. It is a way of life for us, but doesn’t have to hinder us from living life fully! It’s now a passion of mine to be his biggest advocate as I create awareness for Type 1 management and Type 2 prevention with Diabetes.


After6 years together,  we relocated to LAS VEGAS, NV from TAMPA, FL! Our life is completely different exploring in and living on the West coast, but our goal is to live life to the FULLEST and explore all that we can. We never knew we’d be more than the two of us and our pets, so we were be-bopping through life’s adventures without abandon and exploring how to expand our family …


We began to look into adoption and fostering. Then, by the Grace of God, we found out we were pregnant on Easter morning of 2016. Our beautiful baby girl was born November 2016!



Priorities have shifted, but even more so now we are focused on proactively keeping our focus on being healthy inside and out to live the fullest life with her and to show her she can be her best each and every day!




  1. YOU GET WHAT YOU GIVE – If you want to be able to do 10 minute workouts twice a week you might see small results but not really much. If you put a lot more into your workouts, you’ll get it back tenfold!
  2. EMBRACE THE CHANGE-UP! Your body will plateau and when it does, you need to change things up! Find a new workout: TRX, Crossfit variations, Insanity, plyometrics, running, spinning, step…there’s so much to choose from! Even DVD versions like T25, Insanity, and Turbo Fire!
  3. LIVE ACCORDING TO THE 80/20 RULE – You can cheat, but not every day and all of the time! Work hard and practice healthy eating 80% of the time, and then 20% of the time plan your cheats! Ice cream isn’t a good daily dessert, but good as a planned-cheat!
  4. SUBSTITUTE INSTEAD OF GIVING UP, AT FIRST: I made sure to substitute little by little so that I didn’t completely deprive myself – it takes time for our bodies to understand new foods and a new routine! I would do fro-yo instead of ice cream…almond milk instead of regular milk….you can’t take it all away or you’ll feel completely cheated with no reward in sight!
  5. MAKE IT FUN – Find workouts you love! Get outside and do things with your peeps! It can be a dodgeball fight or swimming in springs, multi task and enjoy QT while getting fit!


I find happiness through appreciating all the life and love God has given me and know that He’s given me this chance to tell my story and help others in any way I can. I know that if I can do it, being 50+ lbs overweight, asthmatic, depressed, smoking, partying & drinking, living life without purpose, …and now transitioning to where I am today, that anyone who wants to put in the effort can definitely do it!


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And feel free to continue following me on my post-baby body journey + as I share my adventures in motherhood!


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